I have vowed to let my partner know these 5 secrets of my life

I have vowed to let my partner know these 5 secrets of my life

I have vowed to let my partner know these 5 secrets of my life

- I plan to confess my admiration for her this year

- I plan to let her know I resolve to learn from her trust in me

- Close my secret account

- Tell her I joined a gym

- I plan to change my job 

I love my partner so much so that we share a lot in common but there are some unique traits of her that I admire and would pay any money for.

I therefore have planned to emulate these exceptional characters of hers this year. I can't keep it as a secret anymore.

Over and over again, I have thought about it and realised that being the good person as she is, I need to let her know some secrets of my life this year, especially when I plan marrying her anytime soon.

These are 5 characters of hers that I have resolved to emulate in 2016

1. I have deep admiration for her that I need to tell her

One secret of mine is that I want to tell her I appreciate her admiration for me and that I also resolve to even imitate that.

My partner is the most admired person of my life. She is courteous, and shows me appreciation in every little thing I do for her, that sometimes I think she even over does it. It is one quality I’m yet to know whether it is the reason why I’m tempted to buy gifts for her anytime I have to see her. It makes me even want to spend my last penny on her. Hmmm! Or is she blackmailing me with that attitude to get me buy her more gifts?

It is one character that I respect her personally for; I even I’m jealous of her in that, I strive to become like her in that regard. I can’t keep it as a secret anymore but tell her that I admire her admiration for me as her man.

2. Jealous of her trust in me that I plan to emulate this year

If there is one person who has absolute trust in me, it is her. My partner continually assures me of her trust in my decisions concerning my friends, profession, money among others. Sometimes I think she trusts me to a fault. It makes me a very confident person which I think has helped us a lot in our relationship.

I always thread with caution having it at the back of my mind that I don’t need to break a heart because of the trust in me.

This absolute trust in me is another trait of her that I admire. It has made me decide to reciprocate that attitude this year by all means.

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3. Joint account

The salary we earn as partners is known by both of us and I must say she earns much more than I do. But here is my headache; sometimes I want to keep some money aside to be able to fund the usual boys outing where we have fun a lot.

Our joint account however does not allow me the freedom to pursue this agenda. I therefore eventually opened a personal account secretly which I have operated for close to three years without her knowledge.

This secret has haunted me for a while because she often would ask me to feel free and do anything with regards to our money due to the trust she has for me.

Tell you what, ever since she told me this, I have decided to either tell her I have been operating a secret account or go ahead and close it so as to set my mind free.

4. To look good than ever

Another thing that I resolve to do this year is to let her know I have joined the gym down my street. My partner every now and then kisses me and hugs me whilst assuring me of her admiration for me.

This has made me decide to go the extra mile to impress her, which made me joined a gym without telling her. Her continued passes at me makes me want to tell her, it’s an inbuilt quality I inherited from my macho dad.

No, I need to tell her I’m working hard hat the gym to impress her and that I enjoy her commendation too.

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5. Plan to change my job

My partner keeps telling me she is proud of my job and that she proudly professes it to her friends when they ask of my job but I want to change it this year.  I have been involved with this job at my current office for 7 years and I think I need a change.

I want to tell her I am thinking of changing jobs this year because I hate to disappoint her.


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