Rapper Edem clears the air about relationship with Confidence

Rapper Edem clears the air about relationship with Confidence

- Singer Edem clears the air about hsi relationship with Confidence Haugen

- He does not deny or admit that he is the father of confidence's new son but says  they are very close

- Edem adds that he is proud of confidence and their relationship

Rapper Edem clears the air about relationship with Confidence
Rapper Edem

Rapper Edem has noted that he and Confidence Haugen are still good friends and very close.

This is contrary to media reports that their relationship went sour after their relationship went on the rocks.

In his latest interview, Edem noted that he is still closer to Confidence, adding that they are still close such that he knew about the socialite’s pregnancy and the birth of Confidence’s new baby .

The highlife sisnger also added that eh is closer to COnfidnce’s first sone who  is 11 years old. He noted that they are that cloe but he is not the godfather of the child.

“I knew about Confidence having a baby. She called me when she was pregnant, she sent me the baby pictures and I have been with her through the whole process. I knew about the baby coming and I am very happy for her and I knew about the baby’s name before everyone got to know because we are friends and really close,” he hinted.

Answering a question on how he keeps the friendship intact, Edem added that due to happenings in the future, he always maintains a good relationship especially when he has an idea of the sort of people he is dealing with.

 ‘Am very futuristic so you have to keep moving on. And that is what you have to do. You have to be distinctive that you can separate what the media says from the qualities you know for somebody as a person when you know them personally. If you are able to decipher that then you can keep your friendships/relationships with people,’ he indicated in the interview with the E-Review host.


Edem who could not answer directly whther he was the father of Confidence’s new born son after he noted he had pictures of Confidence’s new song , could only say,  “Am fierce and am not handsome. I don’t like that softness; it’s too girly-like”.

The Books  and Rhymes crooner also applauded the former Big Brother House repsentative saying, he is proud of Confidence and the fact that moved pass their differences and still keep their friendship going.

She’s very happy, a strong woman and I’m always proud of her, we have had our differences, we moved pass it and still have a good friendship. I think it’s just understanding that when things happen and another day comes, those things are in the past,” he emphasized.

Edem and Confidence Haugen dated about five years back and rumours have since been reported that their relationship went sour after the break up. Edem has since been reported to be married to his baby mama and confidence recenty gave birth to a boy about a month ago.


Source: YEN.com.gh

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