Enjoy Valentine's Day alone in 5 clever ways - for singles

Enjoy Valentine's Day alone in 5 clever ways - for singles

Valentine's day is here with us and for most of us singles, the question of how best to enjoy this season of love remains one of our topmost worries. Well, worry no more! because you have found the very intimate ways of being your own Valentine even without a potential partner. 

1. Serve yourself a heartwarming treat

Most of us single men and women have, over the years, been worrying about how well to please that person in order to win their love, without necessarily thinking of how to please ourselves with a fulfilling treat. You so much wish to be in a relationship with that dream man or woman of your choice but what since that has never happened, why not start with yourself? Remember that Vals day is all about love so that your body and soul may never want to forgive when they know how starved they've being with your attention. So here is the thing, why don't you chose that lovely spa and have a warm massage this Vals day? It could also be about preparing or buying for yourself that special meal that makes you feel on top of the world. You know what it is that gets you happy and satisfied...do it this Vals day and forget about the stress and boredom of thinking of how to drag that dream date....YOU ARE THE DREAM DATE!

2. Plan for the Next Valentine

This could sound contradictory to the very first tip but come to think of it, it can't be all about you forever (unless you are willing to go single forever). So that even as you have the best treat this Valentine you could as well be planning your next move of how to win the heart of that date. How to find a soulmate in 2016 could be a complicated mess but hey, there is no harm in trying. So ya! get that sheet of paper out on your desk and start planning on your best way out of the doldrums of singleness this Valentine.

3. Break your boundaries

As crazy as it sounds, Valentine's day can best be spent alone especially when you add a little bit of adventure! Ever thought of visiting the zoo or paragliding this season of love? What about ego surfing the internet ( searching for your name on the internet) or even painting and editing your pictures using a paint board? One thing about adventures is that they tend to leave a lasting memory even decades after the experience.

4. Figure out what you want out of love.

Even if you don't want to fall in love right now or don't even believe it will ever happen, everyone, including you, can fall in love. And it usually happens when you least expect it. So take some time to write down a few love goals. Whether you want to remain single for 10 more years or want to start dating this month, that clarity makes it that much easier to get there.

5. Pamper yourself

Spend the day loving yourself. It makes perfect sense. Play hooky from work (or just leave an hour early) and do whatever you want, be it pampering yourself with a lavish mani-pedi or staying home, ordering take out and watching every movie your celeb crush has ever made or better still a full season of your favorite TV show . After all, you have no one to please but your own self.

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