Dada KD reveals he has five children with four women

Dada KD reveals he has five children with four women

- High life singer reveals he is father to five children from four different women

- He also discloses that he has never proposed marriage to any woman in his life

- He has also called for the legalization of marijuana, while admitting he used to smoke weed

Dada KD reveals he has five children with four women

Highlife musician Dada KD has revealed that he has five children with four different women.


He added that he has never been married before, hence the children are all through his amorous relationships with different women. The children are made up of three boys and two girls.

Speaking in a recent interview with Frimpong Manso , Dada KD noted that he has never given any woman a ring in his life, let to even talk about proposing marriage. Dada KD also noted that he is fan on mentioning the names of women in his songs mainly because he loves women and he is not gay. Also according to him mentioning the name of women in one’s song give sit some aesthetic touch.

The highlife singer was quick to deny rumours that he has something to do with the women , he mentions in his songs.

“Most of the women I mention in my songs are not that affluent and neither do I have anything to do wih them, he reiterated”.


Readers are reminded that about two weeks ago, the musician granted an interview admitting to smoking weed and also calling for the legalization of marijuana. The singer who is based in Germany noted that weed is a good thing for all to smoke.  He admitted that he smokes weed, but he does it in moderation.

Speaking in an interview with German based, Nkosuohene, Dada KD also appealed to the government to legalise the use of marijuana. He added that weed is smoked not drank as is literally said. Dada Kd also emphatically said in his interview that he knows that most musicians smoke weed.

Dada KD in his interview however cautioned that smoking weed is not for the weak heart but rather the brave. He added that if one is scared, then there was no need to try smoking weed.

Dada KD  in that interview debunked the notion that marijuana can make people go mad. According to hime, smoking weed has its positive and negative sides, hence if one smokes to be an armed robber, it would work in that direction.

Dada KD is noted for highlife tunes like ‘Ene Minye’, ‘Obia Se Eye’, ‘Somu Gye’,  ‘Honey Love’ and  ‘Odo Mu Anigyea”.



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