Five clever things to do when burglars break into your home

Five clever things to do when burglars break into your home

One of the scariest experienced ever to befall you is to wake up in the latest hour of the night to find a gun put to your head or see that your house has been broken into. Armed robbery attacks all over the world has often seen victims either killed or traumatized even when the heartless robber(s)  get away with want they lay their eyes on.

Find out the best safety tips you can apply just in case the unfortunate happens, when an armed robber breaks into your home.

1. Retreat to safe grounds

Safety is often key whenever and wherever you get confronted by armed robbers break into your home. The gravest mistake you could ever make when a thief(s) breaks in your home is to make yourself known to him or them. Remember that one of the main reasons why they wear masks is because they hate  to be seen. So you would also have to do same. This could mean hiding under a table, locking yourself and family into a secluded room.

2. Don't be defensive

One of the gruesome mistakes we do is to confront a thief in the case of an attack. Remember that being defensive gives you away for any kind of harm. Armed robbers, as the name presupposes, wield all kinds of weapons from knifes to guns not to talk of their bloody skills. Defense is never needed, just stay calm and collected.

3. Call the police emergency line as soon as possible

Having the number of the security is the best bet to being on the safer side. Just in case of an armed robbery attack, the best option is to first of all call the security agency. No matter how long it takes for the police to arrive, just know you are in safer hands.

4. Sound the alarms

Ever thought of having security alarms at home? well you need to! Security alarms have been thought to be the secondary means of driving thieves away. Alarm switches are the best ways by which citizens remain safe. Switches would have to be installed at secretive vantage points that can be reached without blowing your cover.

5. Turn out all lights

Don’t leave your bedroom with a bat or a flashlight.  Flashlights are feared to attract burglars to your exact location. Yes it may be true that you could have  difficulty seeing in the dark but remember that lights are the best helpers for burglars. It's difficult to get robbed in the dark of your house rather than the light of it.


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