Vigilante groups recipe for disaster - Peace Council warns

Vigilante groups recipe for disaster - Peace Council warns

-The National Peace Council says the delay in dissolving vigilante groups in the country is a recipe for disaster

- Chairman of the Council predicts these vigilante groups could grow into rebel groups should the needed steps not be taken

- Interior Defense minister has thus ordered for all vigilante groups to be registered

Vigilante groups recipe for disaster - Peace Council warns

Chairman of the Peace Council, Rev. Prof Emmanuel Asante

The National Peace Council has expressed worry over delays in the dissolution of vigilante group affiliated to political parties in the country saying it is a recipe for disaster ahead of the November 7th elections.

Chairman of the Peace Council, Rev. Prof Emmanuel Asante has predicted that should these vigilante groups not be dissolved, there was the likelihood of them turning to militant groups like Boko Haram and ISIL.

“…It’s a recipe for problems in this country. People who have really done serious studies of terrorist groups; the Boko Haram and the rest will tell you that is how these groups begin. The so-called vigilante groups that we have; and we have given them all sort of scary names. They are there to molest people, to scare people and to deprive them of their God-given rights," he stated.

Despite the police engaging various political parties towards dissolving any such groups ahead of the general elections, the Interior minister-designate Prosper Bani has said the country should rather consider registering these vigilante groups.

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