School authorities in OWASS “de-boardinised” 30 students

School authorities in OWASS “de-boardinised” 30 students

- 30 students "de-boardinised" from OWASS

- They students have been reverted to be day students as punishment for skipping evening school studies termed Prep

- Headmaster of the school is hopeful punishment would be a deterrent to other students

School authorities in OWASS “de-boardinised” 30 students
File photo of some students with their trunks and chop boxes

Authorities in Opoku Ware Senior High School(OWASS) in Kumasi, have “de-boardinised” 30 final year students   from the school.

According to school authorities, the “de-boardinization” is punishment to the students for failure to attend mandatory evening learning sessions popularly known as Prep.The punishment for the students was announced to the school.

"De-boardinisation" is a term coined from senior high schools were students kept in preferably a hostel system with rules are reverted to be day going students. "Boardinisation, normally would cut cost for students who live outside the school and have to travel far to come to school. The day option is normally offered students who live around the school.


Speaking to media after meting out the punishment to the students, the head teacher Dr. Alex Nimoh Frimpong said the school will not tolerate misconduct from students regardless of their level.

Dr. Nimoh quizzed how students mandated to go to prep decide not to abide by the school rules for no apparent reason. He added that the students who engage in this misconduct never feel remorse when they see him but resort to running away and continue in the act. He added that the punishment  to the 30 students was to serve as a deterrent  to the many students in the school who engage in such deviant behaviours.

“Because the students are so many, we can’t send all of them home so we will use some of them as scapegoats so the rest can learn from it. If we allow them to get out of hands, we cannot control them because of their number. So those crying because of the punishment, they should go ahead and cry I don’t care. Why should I allow such a thing to continue; I won’t, he stated.

According to Ultimate FM, the headmaster has also turned down an appeal to reconsider the decision by the traditional authorities in the area. His aim is to make the students understand their wrongs.

Opoku Ware Senior High schools is one of the vibrant senior high schools in the Ashanti  Region. It is a mixed school that has produced many great products for the country.



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