Gianni Infantino succeeds Sepp Blatter as FIFA President

Gianni Infantino succeeds Sepp Blatter as FIFA President

- Tokyo Sexwale pulls out of the polls in his speech to the delegates

- Infantino and Sheikh Salman will lead the remaining four to a second round

- Two thirds majority needed

World’s governing football body has elected Europes top executive, Gianni Infantino over other three other candidates, Sheikh Salman bin Ibrahim al-Khalifa, Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein and Jerome Champagne to succeed Sepp Blatter.

Infantino won with 115 votes even though he needed 104.

Prince Ali’s votes swung to help Infantino edge out Sheikh Salman.

Sheikh Salman stands the chance of overtaking Gianni Infantino if he gets a four-vote swing required to see him win the 2016 Fifa extraordinary congress presidential election.

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The final vote is registered, from Zimbabwe, and we could be closer to a result in the second round of voting

There are spots of yawning spotted on the faces of delegates which mean the long day has had a toll on them.

The obvious thing they need to do is catch the eye of the camps of Sexwale and Prince Ali’s  camps or favourites.

The race to be the most powerful man in world football began Friday afternoon with each candidate making a 15-minute long speech before the voting process began.

Gianni Infantino succeeds Sepp Blatter as FIFA President

Photo credit: Infantino

Bahrain's Sheikh Salman, Gianni Infantino, Prince Ali of Jordan, Jerome Champagne and Tokyo Sexwale were all in contention but the South African, Tokyo Sexwale announced to a packed hall that he was stepping aside.

Meanwhile, in the elections, if no candidate earns a two-thirds majority, a second vote will be held. Further votes will be held until the congress decides upon a majority winner.

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And so this is how it went in the first round,


Gianni Infantino 88

Sheikh Salman bin Ibrahim al-Khalifa 85

Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein 27

Jerome Champagne 7

Gianni Infantino succeeds Sepp Blatter as FIFA President

Two-thirds majority not reached, second round of voting required.

CAF and AFC’s  favourite Sheikh Salman bin Ibrahim al-Khalifa finishes second behind Uefa general secretary Gianni Infantini who was also expected elsewhere to pull through in the polls.

It looks likely Jerome Champagne, with just seven votes, mig ht do the honourable thing; pull out of the race with Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein also thinking same way.

With just an outright majority required in the second round, Infantino could be seen upsetting Sheikh Salman.

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