Abraham Attah causes a stir in Nigeria and Ghana

Abraham Attah causes a stir in Nigeria and Ghana

- Child Actor, Abraham Attah is trending on social media due to criticism by some media presenters

- Some media presenters who mocked the child celebrities have been called all sorts of names on social media 

- Some have called on Ghanaians to desists from their "pull him down syndrome"attitudes

- Abraham Attah has received applause's and congratulatory messages , the world over

Abraham Attah causes a stir in Nigeria and Ghana

Abraham Attah and Sylvester Stallone

 After his historic and impressive appearance at the Oscars over the weekend, the young actor has sparked debates in Nigeria and Ghana.

The debates are as a result of reports on social media that some journalists in reputable media houses in Ghana were making a mockery of his acceptance speech at the Independent Spirit Awards. Abraham who won the Best Male Actor nod while giving his acceptance speech fumbled a bit.

Abraham Attah causes a stir in Nigeria and Ghana

Abraham Attah at the Oscars

Media reports indicate that some journalists namely Jay Foley, Lexis Bill and MzGee and Abeiku Santana of Livefm, Joy and Okay Fm respectively criticized Abraham Attah for his speech at the Spirits awards. They mocked him for his way of speaking English while giving his acceptance speech.

In what seems to be like courtroom defense on social media, many fans, critics, media gurus and some pastors have come to the defense of the young actor. Many took to social media to criticize the media personalities about their comments and noted that the young child actor had put Ghana on a pedestal where many actors and actresses are aspiring to achieve.

Some also took to posting videos on social media condemning their acts. Many noted that the media guys involved hated on Abraham Attah and some called for the need for Ghanaians to stop the pull him down syndrome (PHD) in Ghana.

In Nigeria, Ayo Shonaiya a UK-based Nigeria media personality and CEO of R70 Media Group  took to Facebook to write this on his wall”


Discovered in Ghana while playing in the street (not hawking as many media outlets reported), & cast in the film Beasts of No Nation. In a year he has been groomed, developed, coached and he just won Best Male Actor at the Independent Spirit Awards.

He also presented an Award at the Oscars last night, and already filming his 2nd film. He did not start getting media attention until we all saw his WORK. He was not used as a social experiment and he is not a subconscious charity case you can donate to just to leverage on his media value.

The difference between Ghana and Nigeria is not only in the jollof rice. Congratulations Abraham!

His comment was in reference   to Olajumoke,  a nigerian girl who was picked from the streets and turned into a model and superstar overnight by a production company.

Abraham Attah causes a stir in Nigeria and Ghana

Attah Abraham and Director-Cary Fukunaga

In Ghana, blogger, Chris Vincent lashed out at Jay Foley, Lexis Bill and MzGee saying that they had no right to badmouth the young actor, more especially when he had achieved more than they had in their entire career.  Chris Vincent in a post on his blog quizzed where the fake accents of the radio presenters on radio had gotten them to?

He wrote “I am told Jay Foley of LIVE FM, Lexis Bill of JOY FM and some other human being called MzGee ridiculed young Ghanaian-Hollywood actor-Abraham Attah’s Oscar’s speech because he fumbled and somewhat got his words and sentences wrong.

These people who have not lived more than a year out of Ghana sit on radio with their FAKE accents and have the audacity to laugh at a 15 year old; once a street vendor who today mingles with some of the biggest international stars of our time. Apart from seeing Leo, Stallone and others on TV; where would any of these people reasonably ever see them? Where have the fake accents of these local champions ever taken them? Beyond Accra where lack of interesting competition makes them feel they are on top, what has been their achievements?”.


Chris, in post also questioned the journalists involved as to how many Ghanaians, Africans and people the world over know them for what they supposedly claim they have achieved?

Ace radio presenter, Tommy Annan Forson also took to his Facebook account to descend on Jay Foley, MzGee, Lexis Bill and Abeiku Santana for making fun of how Abraham Attah pronounced ‘thank you’ in his acceptance speech at the Oscars.

Mr. Annan-Forson, like Chris Vincent questioned their locally   acquired foreign accent, popularly known as LAFA of the radio presenters. He further quizzed them on how many of them own TOM’s shoes? He ended by advising them to think of their future.

Tommy Annan Forson wrote:

“Huh how many LAFA presenters own TOM’S shoes? They sit on radio and mock the pride of Ghana, you laugh at him just because he says tsank you, how many big people don’t say 'tank' you and I 'tink', yet you don’t mock them, so annoying with their stupidity, I ask how many of them will even get close, please think of your future and mind your bloody business and stop the degrees you have. P.H.D. ABAAAAAAA.”

Socialite Afia Schwarzenegger, also posted on her social media account, discredited the attitude of the presenters. She questioned how one’s ability to command the queen's language is linked to intelligence in Ghana. She added that whether, the young celebrity‘s grammar is good or bad, the fact still remains that he has made history for Ghana by being the first Ghanaian to win spirit awards.

“Let those that speak impeccable English show us what their grammar won outside Africa!!! Can u imagine grownups picking on a 15 year old Ashaiman boy...shame on them! Congratulations son...@abraham.attah.nii".

Kiki Banson also took to his social media account to sarcastically post that at least Abraham in his speech did not speak the locally acquired foreign accent. He praised the young lad for his real talent and asked his critics to continue to display their emptiness.

Abraham Attah causes a stir in Nigeria and Ghana

The post from Kiki Banson on his Facebook page

Movie Director, Leila Djansi who has been in the news lately for calling the new crop of Nollywood producers as “Hitler” took to her blog to write a long feature and shared on Facebook. In her post she mentioned how much of a talent and a discovery Abraham Attah is and pleaded for his handlers to relocate him  to America, since his career cannot be sustained in Ghana.

In Leila’s post she highlighted several reasons why it would take a long time for African movies to make the Oscars. According to her lack of unity in the industry, education and training, globalization and individualism are some of the reasons why it would take a long time for movies in Africa to make it to the Oscars.


Abraham Attah causes a stir in Nigeria and Ghana

The post from Leila Djansi that Sonnie Badu posted

International UK Act, Sonnie Badu also endorsed Leila’s post on Abraham Attah being relocated to the USA.  He noted that if this is not done, they will pull him down (PHD) in Ghana.  He questioned how people can sit on radio and say Abraham Attah can’t speak good English. He noted that Abraham was picked because of that accent and the day he changes that accent, he would be out of a job. He, like all others commended the young celebrity for bringing honour to the country.

Meanwhile, actress Yvonne Okoro took to her social media account to talk about how Abraham Attah is living the dream most of the actors are hoping to achieve. She applauded Abraham for making Ghana proud and making the actors live their dream through his experiences.

Abraham Attah is a Ghanaian child actor, who was discovered in the movie “Beast of No Nations”. In the past couple of months he had been globetrotting and appearing on big international movie platforms like the SAG awards, Spirit Awards and recently the Oscars. He has won himself several awards with the latest one being the Spirit Awards were he gave his Thank You speech which has brought about all this debate in Ghana and beyond.

Watch Abraham receive a standing ovation at the Oscars


Source: Yen.com.gh

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