How can I admire a pastor who will insult a man of God – Prince David Osei

How can I admire a pastor who will insult a man of God – Prince David Osei

- Prince David was slammed on Instagram after he commented on Bishop Obinim's  recent insulting of Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah.

- Obinim's congregants who came to his defense applauded their pastor for his actions.

- Obinim called Korankye Ankrah a fool and challenged him to contest his spiritual powers.

How can I admire a pastor who will insult a man of God – Prince David Osei

Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei  has come  under intense criticisms by some fans and congregants of Bishop Obinim’s church.

The actor in reacting to a video of Obinim posted on social media, of him insulting Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah that he is a fool did not go down well with his congregants.

Prince David Osei wrote “how can I admire a man who will insult a man of God more so my spiritual father, are you serious? He is your astor is that what the Bible says? To insult the father’s of the land. It’s a shame and completely preposterous.

How can I admire a pastor who will insult a man of God – Prince David Osei

One of David's post that sparked the criticism

His comments attracted lots of criticisms and back and forth from Bishop Obinim’s congregants. Some of the congregants who reacted to the situation questioned why Rev. Sama Korankye Ankrah had to insult Obinim and refer to him as a magician. These people noted that if Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah insulted Obinim and his followers first, then his reaction was in good measure.

Other congregants of Obinim who were peeved that Rev Ankrah had insulted Obinim and all his followers, noted that it was high time Obinim reacted to the insults from other pastors. They questioned how many people talk good about their pastor. They further called on all to leave their pastor alone.

How can I admire a pastor who will insult a man of God – Prince David Osei

One of the numerous interactions on Daniel Obinim

Other critics who commented on the said video indicated that the end times are near if pastors are insulting each other. They quizzed why Obinim is rather not concerned with saving souls for the kingdom as this is the great commission in the Bible, but rather concerned with changing body parts of human beings and turning into a snake.

As the criticisms on social media followed, Obinim’s congregants threatened to post a video of an interview Prince David Osei had granted on Obinim TV, calling the man of God a great man, entrepreneur and a visionary leader.


On his part, Prince David Osei acknowledged he had endorsed Obinim’s achievement as a young entrepreneur. He admitted that he has used his magnificent house to shoot his movies but he never endorsed him insulting men of God and never expected such a behaviour form him.

“This behaviour unfolding from him in these past weeks is completely alarming and preposterous, If I should stay.. So don’t run your mouth to judge me”, the actor reiterated.

How can I admire a pastor who will insult a man of God – Prince David Osei

Prince Davis Osei defending himself on social media

Some critics who could not stand the exchanges advised Prince David Osei to leave the congregants and not to exchange words with them as they are hell burnt on defending their pastor and others noted that posterity will be a judge when we all meet in heaven.

How can I admire a pastor who will insult a man of God – Prince David Osei

Another post showing the criticism on Prince Davide Osei

Readers are reminded that  the Apostle General of the Royal House Chapel International, Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah during the week in an interview on Starr FM questioned whether the self-acclaimed ‘Bishop’ is really a servant of God. Rev. Sam Korankye in his interview expressed the belief that Obinim is tarnishing the image of Christians and described members of his church as a ‘bunch of ignorant people’.

According to him, right discerning members of the public will not worship under the feet of the embattled Bishop whose conduct in the past few years have been very questionable. He quizzed why many do not care about the salvation of their souls anymore and what the Bible says about Heaven and Hell and the coming of Christ, but are rather worried about material things.

In a sharp rebuttle to Rev. Sam korankye Ankrah’s comments, founder of the International Godsway Ministries, Bishop Daniel Obinim,  called  Korankye Ankrah a fool and further challenged him or any man of God or mallam,  to contest his powers.

On his television station, Bishop Obinim noted that “Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah, I never knew that you are a Fool.I have recorded videos and challenged any man of God who claims I do not have supernatural powers to come and contest with me”, he stressed.

Just yesterday, Florence Obinim, wife of Daniel Obinim in a fellowship on Obinim TV also quoted Bible verses to support the fact that the husband has supernatural powers.

The reaction of the congregants of Bishop Obinim is perhaps a call by the bishop to his congregants to come to his defense whne peple are attacking him or making him a public ridicule.

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