Happy birthday Ghana

Happy birthday Ghana

Editor's note: This is a feature from a guest writer. He writes with Ghana's historical journey in mind.The write up also factors in all our past presidents in Ghana and wishes Ghana a happy birthday at age 59. Enjoy the read!

Happy birthday Ghana

An infographic of Ghanaian leaders since independence

And the voice of God was heard in the land, “I am the Lord your God who brought you from the shackles of colonialism.

You shall have freedom and Justice. I give you men and women of great wisdom and of full strength, I also give you land, fertile lands from coast to Sahel cocoa and timber shall abound in your land.

Gold and diamonds shall adorn your coast. I give you great streams and rivers and I give you dominion over all the things. You shall be called GHANA; God has a new Africa.

And God left, and it was nine years after and the voice of God was heard.. All the way from flagstaff house.

“Ghana, where are you?”

And Ghana answered and said “The man you gave me to rule over me, built for me a motor way.  He also built a job called 600. He built me a place of learning, in the forests of Kumasi. He built also a power house, which I call Akosombo.

Many other things he did for me, I cannot recount all, but God, you see. The man imprisoned me “by heart! God, I suspect he even made for himself another God. I know you are a jealous God and I know you will be annoyed, when you come, so I sacked him”

And God said, “I am not pleased with you, but I will not forsake you. I will send you a liberator, the one who will liberate you, from the prison cells”.

So God said “Let there be a liberator and let him form a council and let him rule over you”.

And there arose a National Liberation Council; to rule over Ghana.

And God left and it was three years after and the voice of God was heard again.

“Ghana, where are you?”

And Ghana answered and said “I am careful this time God, I did not sack the Liberator but he decided on his own to leave. So I handed him over to the best University student in Africa –BUSIA”.

And God said

“That is very good. BUSIA is my special graduate. I prepared him with spices from the East. He is a democrat, with democracy in his blood. Let him rule over you”.

And God left and it was 4 years after; and the voice of God was again heard.

“Ghana where are you?”


And Ghana answered and said “You see God, the democratic democrat was too slow for me. He talked slowly and walked slowly. God you know, 70% of my people are illiterates but this BUSIA man. He speaks ‘book-long’ English. God, I sacked him”.

You see God, this time round; I want somebody who can walk fast.

Who can carry a gun in one hand, and a walking stick in the other.

God, in short I want a redeemer.

And God said “My son, before you asked I had given. There shall be a redeemer. He shall be called Ignatius.  He will ignite all your dead ‘batteries’. He shall also form a council, which shall be called national”.

And there came into being, a National Redemption Council.

And God left and it was 9 years after; and again, the voice of God was heard.

“Ghana where are you?”

And God answered and said “the Ignatius man you gave me, he ignited “Operation feed yourself”.

He gave me lots of food and I ate very well. He then built me stadia in all my regions but God, we woke up one day and the Ignatius man said he was now supreme and true, true God. He formed for himself, a Supreme Military Council”.

God, I know you are the only one who is supreme.

I did not want you to be annoyed, so I cloned the Ignatius man and got Akuffo. I thought  he will come and help the ‘Akuafo’, but  he did not.

God, you will not believe this.

The Akuffo man made a photo copy of Supreme Military Council 1 and got two photo copies.

He then named the second copy; Supreme Military Council 11.


God, I am tired of this Supreme 1, Supreme 11 and council this and council that.

Please God, this time round, I want you to send me Jesus himself to rule over me.

And God answered and said “I sent you Jesus some 2000 years ago but you killed him.

But you are lucky Ghana. I have a man called Junior Jesus.” I will send him to rule over you and when he comes, he shall be baptized for 3 long months.

With a revolutionary baptism, he shall come with a broom and sweep all the gutters of Nima, Tema, Ashaiman, Ashongman and Techiman. Junior Jesus shall then leave to the wilderness, to be tempted by a Hilla from the North. For 18 months this, Hilla man shall tempt Junior Jesus and after he was tempted, Junior Jesus shall return to rule over again”.

And when God finished speaking these words concerning Ghana; he left.

And it happens that all that God spoke came to pass. Junior Jesus came, and Ghana called him J.J.He defended Ghana for 11 years and formed a Defence Council, which he named Provisional. He built a motor road from somewhere, all the way to Kumasi. He built another motor road from somewhere, all the way to Takoradi. He then cut into pieces, one big place of learning.

And this he sprinkled all across the northern zone, the far East and the far West and he asked the pieces to develop; this he called University of Development Studies.


Then one day, the J.J man changed his Defence into a National Democracy. Then he called a congress. He then created a big umbrella to cover all the congressmen but some bad boys under the umbrella threw spears and arrows and created holes in it. The umbrella leaked badly and Ghana got wet when it rained.

And Ghana said to itself “I want something of a stronger material to protect me from rain”.

So Ghana went for the Elephant hide and made for himself an Elephant.

And there arose a man from the forest region, who was called “The Gentle Giant”.

He climbed onto the Elephant and criss-crossed Tetteh Quarshie circle and created many paths. He then called the paths Interchange. Then the elephant sat on the cedi and the cedi could not be inflated.

The Gentle Giant and his elephant climbed the mountains to Aburi and created a highway through the mountains and Ayisoba came out with a song “The thing you do, it is so fine”.

And the voice of a man from the coastal lands was heard crying “I am a man of peace. I tell you the truth. If it is not so, I would not have told you. The elephant is a dangerous animal. It will destroy all your farms one day. What you need now is peace”.

As he was still speaking, Ghana raised a song “We want peace, we want peace, we want peace”.

So Ghana brought in the man of ‘peace’ and Ghana called him Asomdwehene and also called him the Professor.

The professor ruled for a short time and Ghana complained “The professor talks too slowly. The professor walks too slowly. The professor is too old. The professor, the professor”.

As Ghana was still complaining, god called the Professor to heaven. God then gave Ghana a young man.

He is called Mahama. He is also called John.

Will he be like John Rawlings?

Will he be like John Kufour?

Will he be like Atta Mills?

Or will he be like John Mahama? As for me…

I am not a prophet or a prophet’s son. All I know to say is Happy Birthday Denyigba Ghana

Credit: E.Y. Obimpe


Source: Yen.com.gh

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