10 tips to starting off a Monday morning right

10 tips to starting off a Monday morning right

Whew! After the long weekend, you definitely might not want to be at work, and might properly be wondering why the heaven you are reading this article. But it’s Monday and you got to do your job. You might have already tripped off your bed, burnt an attire, or anything worse than these, all in an attempt to get to work on time (that makes you feel worse), but hey, you are still alive and that’s what’s important. So instead of being moody, smile (come on try it now) - there you go. And let these few tips to getting off a great start, carry you through today and the rest of the week.

10 tips to starting off a Monday morning right

Monday morning blues


1. Say Thank You

No matter how bad our Monday Morning Blues might be, there are always good things going on in our lives. How about looking for the positives and focusing on the things you enjoy about your Monday? It’s a sure way to turn your Monday around and feel happier, fast. The secret is this: there is a Miracle in being grateful for the little things that come your way. I said thank you to my Lord already, please do too.

2. Start it right.

Waking up cranky or tired on a day of going back to routines is not going to help you escape the Monday morning blues. However, even if you do, you can put on an "I'm ready for this week" attitude with the following tricks: Start off your task a few minutes earlier than you normally would.  Yes, you might have woken up late, but you still made it to work so try to buy that extra time to get ready at a non-rushed pace. It could even help you retire the day early and catch up on your sleep.

3.Get specific

Rather than indulging in an open-ended rant about how awful Monday mornings are, it helps to get specific. What exactly is it you’re not enjoying? Being clear about specifically what is bugging you will reduce the problem to a more manageable size. After that, it’s up to you. If you can change things, then get active and do something about them. If you can’t, then you can always change how you choose to respond. Rather than getting wound up, stressed and frustrated, pick a different emotion – one that feels better. It’ll lift your week and that’s a promise.

4.Look snazzy

Wearing the right clothes always works wonders, so save that latest fun purchase for Monday morning, or even wear a brighter colour than usual. That will make you more confident when you are headed to the office. New day, new dress, new attitude.  So wear your best clothes or the cheeriest colour from your wardrobe. You’d be surprised how much your clothes could affect the way you feel about yourself.


5. Watch your words

The hangover can make you a bit corny or even cocky to the people around you. This means you are likely to let off words that could raise tension. Watch out and say something positive. If nothing of that sort comes to mind just shut up. After all silence is golden, and it could get your colleagues to back off from you (they might think you are not well and shouldn’t be bothered, which is all the better for you).

6. Smile

Smile at your family. Smile at commuters. Smile at everyone. It may hurt at first, but by forcing yourself to smile in spite of the Monday morning blues, you will find people responding and returning a smile. These smiles will naturally boost your mood and the blues will never have a chance to hang around. So smile all the way to Tuesday (I’m still smiling).

7. Eat Some Breakfast

Have you realized that eating is a way of exercising your facial muscles? It is also a way of getting energy. Eat something for breakfast and brighten up your face. Even if it’s just a piece of fruit or a slice of toast, it will give your body a jumpstart for the day. The added boost of energy will also help you to beat the Monday morning blues. Sit down and eat. Enjoy your food. But eat well - although it’s ok to treat yourself, make sure you eat well and have enough drinks too.

8. Plan something special for Monday night

Plan to meet a friend for dinner, or do something you enjoy. The day will be easier when you have something to look forward to.

9.Take short breaks.

Too much work can be overwhelming and when this happens, it is easy for you to give up. Remember to take short breaks to recharge. If your schedule allows it, you can also take a 10 minute nap after lunch.

10. Look forward to the next weekend

Plan to have fun over the weekend. By now, start to plan your next weekend to have a blast with friends, or cancel any events so you can take the day off to yourself. This way, on Monday (and all week) you have something to look forward to.

Now just try these lines from the Serenity Prayer

“Grant me the patience to accept the things I cannot change…

… the courage to change the things I can…

… and the wisdom to know the difference…”  Hmmm, how does that feel?

Enjoy your week…


Source: Yen.com.gh

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