Five intriguing women and what they would do to attract Ghana’s President as husband

Five intriguing women and what they would do to attract Ghana’s President as husband

Editor’s note:’s editorial team would want to humbly state that this piece was put together as part of our fun articles for our readers on Ghana’s independence; especially so to spice our holiday. We want to emphasize it is not intended to spite the first family, His and Her Excellencies John Dramani and Lordina Mahama. We also agreed in principle with our interviewees not to use their real names.

Five intriguing women and what they would do to attract Ghana’s President as husband

Ghana's President John Dramani Mahama

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We took the views of 17 women and specifically from some churches, the beach and a shopping mall in Accra.

Our question was straight forward, what will you do as a lady to attract Ghana’s President as your husband?

The answers were intriguing and we just can’t keep it to ourselves.


I am 25 years and I must say any lady who gets such an opportunity won’t let it slip by. I’m ready for marriage and so supposing the President is looking for someone to marry, why not? I will marry him. You see, such people are always busy and usually eat food specially prepared by their cooks. So I will just ask him to come taste my home made food one day and see the difference. I will also give him a special treatment in bed that he would never forget me.”

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“You are talking about money here,” (laughs) “I see. I would simply fall in love with him even if I never liked him in the first place. Because being the first lady, will let me get fame and money. I don’t think I will ever lack anything. I therefore would always be submissive to him, pamper him and serve him like a king. As for the rest, what I will do to him for him to love me back in such a way that no woman can snatch him away from me, is between the two of us.”


“Ooh my world. Already, President Mahama is one person I love. I must say I sometimes fantasize the two of us dating. Like seriously, I would die from excitement. Now, this is what I will do; I will lay his bed, cook his food, be his friend, love his family and friends, massage him and warm his bed in a special way.”

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“Wow, I won’t let this opportunity pass me by. I would always tell him I like his DP even if they are not nice. Look, can you imagine the power I would get from marrying the President? I like money, so I will simply love him. I will also pamper him and tell him all my friends are bad. If I don’t do that, they will snatch him away from me. So the best thing I will do is, I might even save President Mahama’s name on my phone as a lady’s name, for instance Joanna for John. Because a friend might steal his contact and take him away from me.”


“This is simple; I will always make sure I’m on my knees praying for him. For God to grant him the wisdom and peace to rule Ghana, good health and the eye to see me as the only woman he needs in his life.”


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