International Women's Day: Woes of the Ghanaian woman

International Women's Day: Woes of the Ghanaian woman

Editor's Note: As Ghana joins the rest of the word to celebrate International Women's Day, here is an assessment of what it means to be a woman in present day Ghana.

Women all over the world are seen as the backbone of societies, the very core on which development and growth occurs. In fact, without women, our world would never have been what it is today, why? because thanks to the joys of womanhood, the human race gets birthed each and every second of time.

But in spite of the biological contribution of women, there also remain the various contribution(s) of women to society. In Ghana for instance, the woman is often seen as the condition for a cultured child as the latter trains and socializes the child to become useful to society - a positive contribution which till date remains marginally reciprocated

To be a woman in an African country as Ghana means to be seen as that sexual object made specifically to be preyed on by the larger male population.  20 to 50 percent of young girls in Ghana ( based on approximation) have either suffered sexual innuendos ever in their lives or worst of, being raped once or twice by a male figure. Just check all the dockets across the courts of the country....majority of them are seen to be based on complaints filed by women victimized by men.

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To be a woman in the Traditional setting of Ghana remains the curse of having to sit at home as a housewife while your fellow man makes all the money he needs in the world of business! Oh yea! most of our Ghanaian mothers today are or used to be housewives - always staying home and being relegated to the kitchen. Tell me it is a matter of culture and I would nod in the affirmative that it remains a matter of the curse related to being an African woman in an African country as Ghana.

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To be a woman in the Corporate Environment of Ghana often means having to endure the attitude and snubbing against your ideas and proactiivty.  Ask all Ghanaian women in the Corporate environment and they would tell you how challenging it is to sit in the midst of a male-dominated board room making your contribution known. Whereas some would say you are being arrogant, others could just see you as a threat that needs to be eliminated.

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Yes, it is known that women are achieving high laurels throughout the world including Ghana - thinking of the political, scientific, financial and even international achievements. But much must be done to ensure that the very core of our legal provisions, social engagement and political system should take cognizance of the development of women especially as we celebrate the International Women's Day.


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