Find out why you shouldn't date your personal trainer

Find out why you shouldn't date your personal trainer

Personal trainers have been known to be the very personalities that catch our attention sexually considering their stamina and ample time for us. Indeed, personal trainers, even though are tasked with the duty of ensuring that we remain fit always, face daily challenges on how to react to the sexual feeling their trainees have on them.

If you fall victim as a trainee to this 'love confusion' as to whether or not you must go ahead to date that energetic trainer, you may want to read this and advice yourself before it is too late.

1. Personal trainers care about how you look not how you feel

Oh yea! ever wondered how that trainer of yours always looks up to the day when you would build that muscles or abs? It is mainly because he just wants to know that his or her work is done so they could move on to the next available client! As their names insist, personal trainers are never there to  fall for your flirtations - in fact they are trained that way! So you dare not waste your love energies.

2. Been there, done that!

If you ever think your are and would be the first person to catch the heart of your personal trainer, then you must be joking. These exercise-driven minds have been in the game for too long to know how trainees may want to fall for their physical looks. In fact, most, if not all of them have either had sexual encounters with past trainers than you think. You are no special soul.

3. Personal trainers are in for the money not your heart

You pay them just so they keep you fit. Nowhere does it state that these very trainers chose to be your trainer because they loved you. If you compromise the agreement remember that you will also be compromising your feelings because truth be told...personal trainers will stick to you as long as you have the money to keep them!

4. Falling in love means throwing away discipline to exercise

So now you have managed to get the attention of that trainer of yours. Get to know that so long as the agreement goes sexual means each encounter with him or her will be nothing near the treadmill but rather  sexual hang-overs all at the cost of your money and physical wellbeing.

5. Lust and not Love

One thing that gets the attention of a personal trainer is physical attraction which subsequently translates to lust. Ask all who have ever dated a personal trainer and they would rue over how they broke up under the flimsy excuse of you gaining some few pounds!


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