Ghana's heavy downpours; the shame of Accra unveiled

Ghana's heavy downpours; the shame of Accra unveiled

Editor's Note:'s Charles Ayitey in this piece brings to light the true 'shameful' state of Accra in times of a heavy downpour.

Rains are expected to be that very natural phenomenon thought to bring joy and happiness considering the growth in agriculture and also the cool and fresh breeze of weather it brings. Unfortunately, this is not the Ghanaian story as heavy downpours in recent history has rather brought up doom and gloom.

This write-up seeks to reveal the shortcomings of Ghana's capital city of Accra considering sanitation, security and drainage management.

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We were all here during the June 3rd disaster when Ghana got into the annals of history on the negative note. Talk of the hundreds of lives lost to the rains and million worth of property left unaccounted for.  Aside the fatal blast at a filling station which got innocent lives burnt to death in the pouring rain, the over flooded gutters, inundated streets, broken sign posts, torn electrical gadgets and the large array of heaped rubbish; the memories one had was thing but just apocalyptic!

Ghana's heavy downpours; the shame of Accra unveiled

Commercial vehicles submerged in the flood

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In fact, the rains has been and always will be the best suitable yardstick for the measurement of  how drainage systems are laid out in Ghana's capital of Accra. It clearly shows how poorly the architectural layouts into the construction of our flood drains has been since independence. Just the sight of a capital city nearly inundated by flood water is enough proof that Ghana's Town Planning systems is weakest!

Ghana's heavy downpours; the shame of Accra unveiled

You want to know how clean a city Accra is? Well, you may want to take a careful stroll the towns and city centers, there you would find the best shocking answers.  No wonder we had Accra being named one of the dirtiest cities in the world. Upon all the boom in private waste management organizations, Accra in its recent state is till grappling with the ills of filth and disease.

Ghana's heavy downpours; the shame of Accra unveiled

Nothing can be compared to the level of filth brought up by rains

As  children growing up in 20th century Ghana, we were imbibed with the caution of not having to go to school whenever the rain fell; not having to go fact, having to always stay indoors so as not to be stuck  in town by the rains. Little did we know that our elders were preventing us from seeing and experiencing the shame Accra was subjected to by the rains.

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