Students of Kwadaso Agric College to pay back allowances

Students of Kwadaso Agric College to pay back allowances

- Students of Kwadaso Agricultural College say they have been forced to pay for ‘ghost’ allowances paid into their accounts

- Students taking government allowance  received letters from the Civil Service Office saying they had been overpaid, with an amount of Gh¢12,000.00

- This comes months after some students complained of unpaid allowances spanning over two years

Students of Kwadaso Agric College to pay back allowances
Kwadaso Agricultural College

In September 2015, revealed the agitations of students of the Kwadaso Agricultural College over unpaid allowances from the government spanning over two years.  According to students, the situation was making life unbearable for them as they found it difficult to pay for the  fees and also buy expensive course materials. 

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A third year student of the college reached out to in September 2015 to complain bitterly about the delayed allowances in the school.  According to him, for almost three years, students had not received any concrete response from the government on the matter.

Another set of student from the agricultural college now have cause to complain because, according to them, authorities claim they have been overpaid allowances up to  GH¢12, 000.  One student by name Emmanuel said: “We received a letter from the Civil Service Office that we have been overpaid, with an amount of Gh¢12,000.00. Meanwhile we did not receive any such amount in our accounts. We have contacted our principal to find out were the problem is coming from, but he said he doesn't know.

“Because of this issue of over payment we, did not receive our allowances for last month, that is February 2016. We are  very worried because we have been asked to pay monies that we did not receive,” Emmanuel added.

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The Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) subsidises education in the Kwadaso Agricultural College to make the learning and practice of Agriculture attractive to the youth. This includes allowances for students to buy learning materials and assistance in school fees in some instances.


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