Nothing can stop my daughter – Rawlings

Nothing can stop my daughter – Rawlings

- Former President Rawlings has said her daughter is of strong character that nothing would stop her from her aspirations.

He added that even, if Zanetpr does not win the elections, she will still continue to help improve the lives of people.

Nothing can stop my daughter – Rawlings

Rawlings with her daughter, Zanetor Rawlings

Former President Rawlings has noted that her daughter Zanetor Rawlings, is so determined and focus on helping Ghanaians that nothing can stop her from achieving that dream and ambition.

According to the former president, the outcome of the court ruling to determine the eligibility of her daughter to contest the Klottey Korle seat will not dissuade her from improving the living conditions of her constituents.

Commenting on the matter in an exclusive interview with Nana Aba Anamoah, the former President told said in his interview that his daughter is made of steel and can withstand the pressure that is currently mounting on her.

He noted that his daughter is a strong lady who would do anything to improve the living conditions of people  even if they accept  or reject her candidature or even if the court takes a decision in her favour or not. He added that her daughter’s aspirations cannot be blocked by winning or losing this case.


The incumbent Klottey Korle MP Nii Armah Ashitey, who was defeated in the NDC primary, is challenging the propriety of the daughter of former President Rawlings to contest the seat on the ticket of the NDC since she is not a registered voter.

The Electoral Commission confirmed that Dr. Rawlings is not a registered voter in Ghana. The High court is yet to make a final determination as to whether Zanetor can contest the seat on the ticket of the ruling party come November.

In a related development, Lawyers for Dr. Zanetor Rawlings in her ongoing eligibility trial are challenging the jurisdiction of the High court to hear the case.

According to the lawyers, such constitutional matters should be left with the Supreme Court to interpret.

Even before the decision is made by the court, Starr News’ court correspondent Wilberforce Asare reports that Zanetor’s lawyers on Friday made a case that the Supreme Court is the only body allowed by law to make such crucial rulings.



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