Why I hate Easter celebrations: views of a Ghanaian Christian

Why I hate Easter celebrations: views of a Ghanaian Christian

Editor's note: This article below concerning the nature of Easter celebration in Ghana is the sole expression of YEN.com.gh  journalist, Charles Ayitey. All expressions within are not to undermine the belief system of readers but rather amplify the concern(s) of the writer.

It is a well known fact that the Easter celebrations is one of the most revered celebrations across the world especially among Christians. In fact, as a Christian, I do know that the remembrance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ forever remain the very emblem that identifies me as a Christian but truth be told, the way and manner Easter in itself is celebrated; especially in my homeland Ghana, is one which does not only make me hate the name 'Easter' but also question the true reason behind the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

1. The transformation of Easter to Kwahu

I am not aiming to discount the pleasurable adventures related to the paragliding event at Kwahu not to talk of several other celebrations. But why is it that the name ''Kwahu'' is ALL is hear before and during the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, why has it been the case that millions of Ghanaians (Christians especially) now equate Easter to Kwahu, or maybe that was the very place were Jesus Christ was crucified?  As a devout Christian who believe in the essence of Christ's death I dare say the celebration of Easter in Ghana is just not the Easter I was and continue to be told of  at church!

2. The 'Sexualising' of Easter 

If you live in Ghana just as I do, you could be just as honest as my viewpoint that Easter in the 21st century Ghana is now a chance for singles and curious-minded persons to find out how agile they are sexually! This is a celebration that just cannot be compared to Valentine's Day; thousands of hotels booked; clubs filled to capacity with the news of the shortage of condoms always gaining the headlines after the celebrations. Why, I thought this sacred celebration has to do with repentance and the chance of attitude; I reckoned that this solemn celebration is all about spirituality and holiness? Pardon my expressions but I as a growing Christian I just feel scandalized by the spate at which the sacred meaning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ has been corrupted.

3. Not a holiday without reports of deaths

As if Kwahu and the sexual adventurism was not enough, I always would have to wake up to the news of several young men and women dying recklessly in the course of the Easter celebration. I am talking about the spate of people drowning at beaches, losing their lives to reckless driving; endangering their lives to excessive drinking...you just name it. It just gets me wondering if Easter is about people dying rather than the commemoration of the former and historic death of Jesus Christ.

4. The culture of husband-wife snatching!

Oh yea! If only you have been victim to your husband or wife being 'snatched' by his sexual lover during and after Easter, you would agree with me a 100 percent why I have the blues whenever Easter draws near. The stench of adultery, fornication, sexual sins and explorations is so smelly enough that I just would not wish to even turn on the television!

5. Celebrating money instead of Christ

Considering the sacred nature of Easter, I have always believed that Easter is about renewing your commitment to Jesus Christ as a Christian, visiting the sick and needy, donating to the orphanage....I felt Easter was all about expressing our faith in the pain and agony Christ had to go through just so He could save us from our sin. But unfortunately...this is not so in Ghana.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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