Meet the 5 most powerful women in Ghana

Meet the 5 most powerful women in Ghana

Ghana's recent political and democratic dispensation since 1992 is documented to have given the needed platform to equally talented women who have contributed massively to the development of the nation. Be it in politics, education or even entertainment, Ghanaian women hold the honour of being part of the Ghanaian success story.

This article seeks to fish out five of these most influential women in Ghana.

1. Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Wood

Meet the 5 most powerful women in Ghana
Chief Justice, Georgina Wood

Being the first woman ever to occupy that position of Chief Justice, Georgina Theodora Wood has been respected as one of the most formidable brains in Ghana as she has effectively sought sanity in Ghana's weak judicial system. On 1 June 2007,the Parliament of Ghana approved her nomination as the new Chief Justice of Ghana by consensus.

2. Charlotte Osei

Meet the 5 most powerful women in Ghana
Mrs Charlotte Osei - EC boss

Charlotte Osei, the Electoral Commissioner of Ghana is, as of every electoral commissioner in the world, the final determiner of how peaceful or boisterous a country is bound to be during, before or after a fiercely contested general elections. As Ghana heads for the polls in November 7th, Charlotte Osei has already gained the headlines in the news following the various electoral reforms and policies being structured to ensure a smooth electoral process.

3. Ama Emefa Edjeami-Afemu

Meet the 5 most powerful women in Ghana

Recently posted to the role of brigadier general of the Ghana army, Constance Ama Emefa Edjeani-Afenu goes into history as Ghana's first ever female  brigadier general. She is until recently the current Deputy Military Advisor to Ghana’s Permanent Mission in New York.

4. Hanna Tetteh

Meet the 5 most powerful women in Ghana
Hanna Tetteh

Having had a large experience in the feild of politics, Hanna Tetteh, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration is most respected as brightest political brain leading the affairs of Ghana's foreign policy and identity. No wonder thousands have clamoured for her to attempt running for president although she has humbly rejected such calls

5. Marrietta Brew Appiah- Oppong 

Meet the 5 most powerful women in Ghana
Marrietta Brew Appiah- Oppong

Being the Attorney General and Minister of Justice in Ghana, this legal luminary is respected even on the international scene as she continues to be Ghana's chief legal advisor responsible for initiation and conduct of all prosecutions of criminal offences.


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