Study says farting may improve your health

Study says farting may improve your health

A study done by Exeter University has revealed that farting, the process of releasing gas from the body, is actually healthy.

According to scientists, farting is another bodily function meant to prolong life. This is due to the chemical makeup of the gas that exists in your body.

The study stated that  a fart contains a small dosage of Hydrogen sulfide that is small enough to be consumed by humans. The specific amount that leaves the body in a fart is extremely healthy.

Below are four health benefits of farting:

1. It gives you relief

Probably the most universally applicable benefit to why you should fart is that it simply gives you relief. With all the stress that a normal day has to offer the last thing you should add to your worries list is the worry of having to hold one in. The truth is by letting it go you will be much happier and much healthier.

2. It gets rid of waste

Although it is a natural occurrence in the human body many of us call fart a ‘Toxic gas’. In reality, the wind you break is actually a sign of good health. Your body releases the stinky gas as a part of it digestion process. Farting helps to expel the parts of digested food that could not be used or turned into energy for the body to use.

3. It helps with blotting

Have you ever noticed that after a while, holding in your gas leaves you with a feeling that can only be described as balloon like?  According to Dr.Lisa Ganjhu, a doctor of osteopathy and a clinical assistant professor of medicine and gastroenterology at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City, “Anything that affects downstream will affect upstream.”

4. Prevent injury to your colon

It might seem crazy, but holding in your farts could do serious damage to your colon. If you suffer from severe obstruction in your colon, you could be putting yourself at risk for a serious, and painful, colon burst. According to Dr. Ganjhu when it comes to you colon “If there are any weaknesses in the walls, eventually it can burst.”

Now, regardless, the next time you find yourself needing to release a fart, just go ahead and do it. Now you can be proud and even smile as the stench rises up to your nostrils. Not only are you helping yourself, but the others surrounding you will have to thank you as well.



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