LMVCA requests EC to postpone Nov 7 elections

LMVCA requests EC to postpone Nov 7 elections

- Let My Vote Count Alliance (LMVCA) pressure group is requesting the Electoral Commission to postpone the November 7 elections in order to give way for a cleaner voters registration

- The voters registration has generated much controversy by opposition parties who allege that it flawed with foreigners 

- LMVCA has suggested the November 2016 polls be postponed if that will only ensure a clean voter roll and peaceful elections.

According to the group, such a postponement will not affect the nation in any way considering the fact that several African states have done same just so they ensured a free and fair elections.

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“If there is anybody who is cooking a rigging idea, the person must discard it because Ghanaians have travelled beyond the path of sitting down to be cheated and for elections to be rigged in this country. All we are asking is that we do not care if even we need to postpone the election and do it right. We will not be the first country to postpone an election to get it right. When President Mahama went to Togo and recommended that if there was the need for them to look critically at the electoral register and if it called for the postponement of the election they should do so, they did it and they had a peaceful election. If we need to call off our election, [why not]. ...Nigerians postponed their elections by 40 days because of security considerations; they had peaceful elections. I don’t think Ghana will be the first country to call off or postpone an election,” convener of LMVCA David Asante argues.

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Meanwhile the Electoral Commission has stated that the 2016 elections will be slated for November 7 just so the commission makes way for the eventuality of a run-off between leading parties.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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