Meet the baby gorilla in UK whose name is Afia

Meet the baby gorilla in UK whose name is Afia

-  Britain has exuded yet another concern for animal rights as a baby gorilla was granted a rare caesarean section after its mother fell ill and was unable to give birth naturally

- The baby gorilla whose name got decided by the British public has now been given a Ghanaian name, Afia which means Friday born 

Meet the baby gorilla in UK whose name is Afia

Baby gorilla in the warm arms of her Curator

About 3000 public votes in Britain has seen a baby gorrilla at the Bristol Zoo christened with the  Ghanaian name, Afia.

The baby gorilla is said to have undergone a rare emergency caesarean section at the Bristol Zoo after her mother, Kera became critically ill thus still continuing to recover well.

Meanwhile Curator of mammals, Lynsey Bugg has expressed gratitude over the naming of the young mammal stating it came as a relief knowing the young gorilla could now be called by her own Ghanaian name, Afia.

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“We’re thrilled to now be able to refer to her (Afia) by name and would like to thank the public for helping us choose. Her introduction to the outdoors proves she is becoming stronger and more confident. She spent a lot of time looking around and taking in her surroundings while snuggled in the sling – and it is this type of stimulation that is imperative to her development. We hope to take her outside on a more regular basis as she physically develops; learning all areas of the enclosure will become more important," she stated.

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The baby was delivered by emergency caesarean section in February after Kera developed pre-eclampsia, a potentially dangerous condition as a spokesman said it was not yet known whether Afia, who is not yet on show to the public, will be accepted by her mother.


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