Outrage as paid maternity leave for Tigo workers cancelled

Outrage as paid maternity leave for Tigo workers cancelled

Ghanaians lashed out at telecoms company, Tigo, Tuesday night after what appeared to be an internal memo of the company cancelled paid maternity leave for some female workers of the company .

The memo which was addressed to 'Reliance Staff'  of the company and signed by Delia Ayisi-Okyere, said: "Kindly be informed that effective January 2016, any employee who wishes to go on maternity leave will have to apply for a break (leave without pay) and reapply for the position after the break.

"Also note that contract duration is for six (6) months and renewable upon the availability of the job and performance."

It provoked outrage in a section of the public, with some social media users condemning Tigo and accusing the company of treating its female workers unfairly.

Outrage as paid maternity leave for Tigo workers cancelled

It, however, turned out that the memo was not issued by Tigo, but by Reliance Staff - one of the personnel providers for the company.

Tigo has consequently distanced itself from it and has threatened to take action against the company involved.

Roshi Motman, CEO of Tigo Ghana, condemned the policy in a statement on Wednesday.

"The policy is unfair and does not meet the standards of our commitment to diversity and inclusion especially at a time when the world is calling for gender parity to bridge the gender gap. As a company that has deep respect for transparency, diversity and equal opportunities, we will not tolerate any breaches in respect to our Suppliers Code of Conduct and or / higher standards," she said.

Motman said, after discussions with Reliance, immediate action had been taken and the only affected employee had been contacted.

She said going forward, Reliance would pay all female staff on maternity leave their full salary and ensure that all employees return to their jobs after the 3 months maternity leave.

The CEO added that shorter working days would be allowed for nursing mothers when they return to work.


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