Learn about World Health Day

Learn about World Health Day

Ghana joined the world to celebrate World health day today. The day is set aside to celebrate  the World Health Organisation itself. YEN.com.gh brings you some facts to know about World Health Day.

Learn about World Health Day

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- World health day is marked each year on April 7 to celebrate the founding of the World Health Organisation on this date in 1948.

- World Health day is a day set aside by The World Health Organisation (WHO) to create an annual awareness on health issues.


- The day has come to stay as a result of a decision by the UN  during its formative years in 1945 to set aside a global health organization. This decision led to the birth of The World Health Organisation on April 7, 1948. The UN then decided that this anniversary should be marked with a day for educating people on an important global health issue.

- The first World Health Day was in 1950 and, since then, it has spread awareness on everything from food safety to blood pressure.

-The day is also a celebration of the World Health Organisation itself.

- The theme is different each year and for this year’s World Health Day is “Halt the rise: defeat diabetes”. This is because diabetes is on the rise.

- The number of adults in the world with diabetes has nearly quadrupled since 1980 to 422 million adults.

- Diabetes can lead to a heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure and lower limb amputation, and caused 1.5million deaths globally in 2012. High blood glucose also caused 2.2million deaths.

- In Ghana, the celebration is spearheaded by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry is looking at sensitizing the public on diabetes and how to prevent the disease.


Source: Yen.com.gh

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