'Dumsor' likely to return in two weeks -Power Ministry

'Dumsor' likely to return in two weeks -Power Ministry

The Ministry of Power has hinted that load-shedding, known as 'dumsor', will likely return in two weeks.

In an interview with Accra-based Citi FM on Friday, Mr John Jinapor, said although the country had sufficient electricity genration capacity, some power generators were not being run due to lack of gas from the FPSO Kwame Nkrumah, which has been shut down .

He said Nigeria's provision of only 10 per cent of agreed gas supply from the West Africa Gas Pipeline had worsened the situation.

According to the him, the inactivity of the generators compelled the VRA to, in the last three weeks, ramp up production at the country's hydro power plants.

However, the deputy minister said that could no longer be continued and that the ministry would rest the hydro plants to protect them from collapsing.

He said although the ministry had not determined the impact that shutting down the hydro plants would have on the country's electricity generation, it was likely to result in a deficit.

“In the next few weeks, it is a tight situation for us and we can have some deficit. It is very likely we will have deficit… it’s likely,” he said.

Mr Jinapor emphasised that irrespective of the cost, resting the hydro plants was non-negotiable.

“As tough as the decision may be, if it is the right decision, we won’t hesitate to take the right decision… I prefer to rest the dams and some of the turbines for the next two weeks than to risk running them for the next two weeks for whatever expediency and then have a major problem ahead," he said.

According to him, until Ghana's gets a reliable supply of gas to power its power plants, dumsor will continue to present a problem.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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