Answer these 5 questions if you are a Ghanaian woman below age 30

Answer these 5 questions if you are a Ghanaian woman below age 30

Sometimes the most horrific experience you can ever have is to still go to bed without that significant other by your side.

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This experience has seen several lonely men and women like you want to find out if truly the chances of finding their lover. It is a fact that even some of the world's most celebrated icons are single but question is would they love to be single forever?

You may want to answer these soul searching questions to assess love life and be sure of using these rhetorical questions to shape your love life.

1. Do you love being single?

Many of us might want to tread the path of celibacy but in your case is that what you would wish for yourself? Is being single the best thing that ever happened to you?

If yes then hurrah! welcome to the club but if no then you may want to start some 'house-keeping'.

2. Are you strong and influential?

Researches show the most influential persons are most likely to live eternally lonely lives. This is because their admirer may be far below their expectations. Your admirer who could be so much in love with you would always fear that your fame and influence could intimidate them.

By this you are sure to always grow followers on social media and never be able to win the heart of a single soul. Look harder and find that person right at your heart. Love is not about influence nor fame, it is a sweet sensation of having to love and feel loved just the same way.

3. How clean and presentable are you?

Cleanliness they say is next to godliness. In terms of relationships cleanliness is the surest bet to landing your future lover.

By this it could mean changing your shirt sometimes or even checking your breathe! Potential lovers are always on the lookout of a clean as crisp person, someone best fit to help them correct their wrongs and rewrite their past. You will not want to add up on their worries.

4. Do you love pets more than you love people?

If you are that self-centered person who barely thinks of the person next-door then get yourself prepared for a future wreaking in loneliness!

Love comes to those who love, those who think of how the other person might feel, those who always lookout for the best of the other rather than their selfish desires. And it's this kind of love that you would need to get that person in your arms.

5. Does the past hold you prisoner?

For most of us the pain of our past always remain the shackles preventing us from experiencing the new wave of love. Past experiences have been seen as that horrid experience which has even landed many to their earliest graves.

Be free of the past heartbreak, be free of the past disappointments, let go of the pain of the past and embrace the relief of the future. You never know how refreshing it is to fall in love until you do. Love is the best warden who sets us free of the past.

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