Ghana inflation hits 19.2 in March

Ghana inflation hits 19.2 in March

Ghana's inflation rate has marginally increased to 19.2 percent in the month of March, Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has disclosed.

Government Statistician Dr. Philomena Nyarko in a press release has stated that the inflation increased from 18.5 percent in February representing a 0.7 percentage change to its present percentage point.

She said in the course of the calculation, transport was identified as the main contributory factor for the food inflation recorded in the month.

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Commercial transport fares saw 15 percent increase across the country in the month of February.

Dr. Nyarko also stressed that, the local currency, which has been relatively stable in the past few months, was found to have had no negative impact on the prices of imported items. This is because it moved slightly from 18.3% to 18.4%, she said.

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