Riek Machar's arrival in Juba delayed

Riek Machar's arrival in Juba delayed

Riek Machar, the South Sudanese rebel leader who is expected to arrive in the capital, Juba, has been postponed.

Riek Machar's arrival in Juba delayed

Rebel Spokesperson, William Ezekiel explaining to the press reasons for delay in Machar's arrival/credit:BBC

According to a rebel spokesperson, William Ezekiel, this is due to logistical problems. William Ezekiel noted that Mr. Machar is expected in Juba on Tuesday.

William Ezekiel who addressed a news conference at the Juba airport explained that Mr. Machar’s return is extremely important to Juba.


Mr Machar is due to be sworn in as First Vice President of South Sudan. This forms part of last August's peace agreement will  to enable the formation of a transitional unity government.

Mr Machar fled Juba more than two years ago at the start of the civil war which displaced over two million people and killed tens of thousands.

Fighting began South Sudan in December 2013.

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