Five awesome things moms do

Five awesome things moms do

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.

Five awesome things moms do

Five intriguing facts about motherhood and moms

Mothers are special people; they are very kind people and are always thinking about how they can help and brighten someone’s day.

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As we celebrate mothers this day; here five awesome things mothers do.

They have the ability to super clean the house when someone calls and says that they’ll be dropping over in five minutes. They know exactly where an empty box is to quickly dump things in, which room to put it in.

Mothers will listen to the always overly descriptive drama; they have the patience to listen to the fairy tales of their children and every child for that matter. Like he took my ice cream, dress, this and that, etc.

Mothers will cook meals. Will slave over meals. Will invent meals. Will make the best meal ever only to be met with I don’t like this.

Mothers are skilled negotiators and can make negotiating not feel like bribery. There are times when if you go to bed and fall asleep in the next ten minutes I will give you biscuit or something [she knows you will love] is perfectly acceptable.

Mothers will stay up late. No matter what. For the times when the children are out moms will give up sleep. and even wait for 18 years olds.



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