Some five qualities of mothers

Some five qualities of mothers

There is no way one can pay a mother back for all the sacrifices she's made. Though a 'thank you' may seem too small, it's important to let her know how special she is to you on such occasions due to the special innate qualities they have and role they play in our lives.

Some five qualities of mothers

Here are five qualities of a mother

She's the classic attorney in my life

There has been days when as kids, we would go astray, step on neighbours and siblings’ toes, and show our disobedient instincts in amazing ways.

We would be chased home and around and when mum comes to the scene, she never fails to bring us out of the chaos we create each time. She pretends to publicly rebuke us but rather turn around and give us the best food and warmth with some soothing words to sleep!

An epitome of strength and a kind of a little ‘god’ on earth

Sometimes one would feel downhearted and feel lost in situations. You are tempted to cry endlessly and even give up. Fathers in their usual stubbornness would shout out at you and even discourage you. But in comes a mother; she taps your shoulders and whispers in your ears, ‘have faith, it is well. I believe in you and know you can do it.’

So wonderfully, God speaks through mum and one is rekindled to face life again.

A mother will listen to your secrets and make them hers

I remember running home from school and confessing to mum how I spent my fees lavishly on friends. She quickly put her hands on my lip and asked me to stop talking so father in the next room won’t hear. She quickly dashed to the bed room and came back with an envelope turning me away back to school at the blind side of Dad.

It is been our secret till today!

She smiles where I think I can't

There are many a time one wonders where mothers get the strength from.  When a storm hits a family, she still stays on top of it, believing and trusting in God. In her troubles, she will laugh and chat with her friends to ones surprise.

A best friend and an Angel who won’t let me go

Mothers hate to believe you are grown and even married. They would call and ask if you’ve eaten even if you have your daughter on your lap. They would check on you whether you are okay even sometimes to the irritation of a father.

They always are our best friends and lasts till death do us part!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!


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