We will not extend registration period - EC insists

We will not extend registration period - EC insists

The Electoral Commission (EC) says there will be no need for an extension of the just ended limited voters’ registration exercise, since it registered 92 percent of new voters following demands by some political parties, student bodies and individuals for it to extend the period to allow more people to register. 

The Commission prior to the exercise, said it was targeting about 1.2 million new voters revealed that only 8 percent of eligible people were unable to register.

“If you look at analysis by the statistical service, we were trying to achieve a target of 1.2 million that is the register-able population. Fortunately at the end of the exercise, the figures that we had from the three regions indicate that we have 1, 105,686 which represents about 92% so our targets have really been achieved,” the Director of Electoral Services, Samuel Tetteh explained.

Meanwhile Mr. Tetteh has explained that although calls for the registration process to be extended may be genuine, the “tight” timetable of the EC will not allow for an extension.

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“Their calls may be very genuine but we have to look at it from this angle. Let us look at how many people that we actually targeted and how many who have registered. Secondly, we also have to look at it in the sense that we have a very tight timetable which we have to do exhibition. We also have to work on the registers.. we are running a very tight timetable which if we are not careful we may be behind time.” 

The limited voter's register ended on Sunday May 8 with pockets of inconsistencies reported to have marred the credibility of the register.

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