Is Ghana really a hospitable country like touted?

Is Ghana really a hospitable country like touted?

Ghana since independence prides itself as a hospitable country. In fact Ghanaians view themselves as humble, hospitable, peace-loving people – a perception that can be attested to by many who have visited Ghana or work with Ghanaians.

Is Ghana really a hospitable country like touted?

Ghana is worldly known for its warm reception and welcome it gives to visitors

But have you ever thought of what and how foreigners think of Ghana and Ghanaians.

One Quora user wants to find out how safe it is for foreigners to live in Ghana.

How safe is an American living in Ghana and what are the principal threats?,” is his/her question on the platform.

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David Cannon founder of thinks Ghana should be the first stop for anyone who wants to visit Africa for the first time.

According to David: “You could safely say that the most dangerous areas of Ghana are probably much safer than much of Los Angeles. Ghanaians are wonderful people and the country is prosperous and stable, relative to other West African nations.”

Another person, Ravi Agarwal an entrepreneur and Philanthropist said he lived in Ghana for six months and he shared his experience.

Malaria: I met many expats who got malaria at least once. Open sewers: You have to be careful when walking on the streets, especially in the dark as street lights are generally lacking. 

“From a crime perspective, I have to say Accra is one of the safest big cities in the world. The other cities are even safer."

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“Yes, you'll get ripped off by taxi drivers and extorted by policemen, but it'll be in small amounts and it'll never be an issue of safety.”

David Rudnick, medical student who spent a semester in Cape Coast (Central region) and Ho (Volta Region) as a medical volunteer had this to say about Ghana.

“I never once felt that my personal safety was endangered by crime.  I obviously knew a lot of people in the position you will be in (presumably white, American or European, clearly foreign) and out of all of them, the only issue I ever heard of is phones getting pickpocketed and a crowded club - and that happened to over 5 people in a night.  I would be wary of holding onto my personal possessions in crowded places and try not to carry anything too valuable, but violent crime is unlikely to be a major concern. As for disease, stick to your malaria prophylaxis religiously.”

Imran Dawood said his two years stay in Ghana with his family was was safe.

I am living in Accra from last two years with my family and I feel quite safe in Accra. “… its also a fact that you will find trouble if you will go an.d start looking for trouble as Ghana is famous for scammers. Don't indulge in fake schemes and quick money making solutions (specially Gold scams).”

Come on, share with us your views on how safe Ghana is?


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