The night my phone got snatched at Kwame Nkrumah Circle

The night my phone got snatched at Kwame Nkrumah Circle

It was a busy day, the working week had come to and end and I had to pull myself up in closing the books of my work output on a high note. It took me a full day at work - I had wanted to save me from the horrendous traffic in town.

Minutes elapsed to hours and I truly knew I could not survive the darkness of Accra. After all it was a buzzing  Friday night, 'thank God it's Friday' I told myself. I hurriedly packed my files into my back dashing out of the office.

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' I go drop for North Kaneshie'' I said to my driver in pidgin English. Sitting next to the glass at the back seat. As board and tired as I was I decided to go through all messages I had missed during the course of the day. Few meters to the Kwame Nkrumah Circle I could see myself engrossed in a heated group discussion on whatsapp that I barely lost sight of the fact that we were driving through the street haven of pick-pockets and criminals.

Before I could blink an eye I saw this swift hand mystically grab my phone even as the taxi was in transit. My phone was gone...I could not believe it! For once I felt it was a dream, searched the seat to find out just in case it was not the hand of a thief but rather the power of some wind...but true to form the phone was gone.

I quickly turned back to see if I could catch sight of the thief but there was no one but mere passersby and street hawkers going about their normal business. Oh God I have been robbed! I was not concerned about the phone. My major worry was the bulk of information I had - interviews I had conducted with respondents, pictures, codes you just name them. But the phone was gone. Looking so disheartened and shocked I pulled out my tablet to get all information on the phone locked up for security reasons - it was a classy Windows phone that had most if its security configuration saved online. But the question remains - how much does it matter to this robber?

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I may not be the very first victim to be robbed in a moving vehicle. Maybe this could be the newest way pickpockets are making the best of their preys.

The Kwame Nkrumah Circle remains one of the most unsafe places in Accra talk of the large stretch of criminals, drug peddlers, prostitutes, fraudsters, tricksters...this is the darkest location of Accra which deserves the highest precautions one can harness. Transiting in a commercial vehicle or bus in Accra, you may want to roll up your glasses just so you do not get caught in my predicament!


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