Ophelia Swayne starts fund search for Brazil Olympics

Ophelia Swayne starts fund search for Brazil Olympics

Ophelia Swayne, Ghana’s fastest swimmer says her dream to make it to Rio as the nation's first female swimmer at the summer Olympics means she needs to raise money with friends to achieve it.

Ophelia Swayne starts fund search for Brazil Olympics

Photo credit: Beamblogmedium.com/Opelia Swayne wants to go to the Olympics

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The freestyle and butterfly specialist says Ghana’s Olympic Committee is willing to only foot the cost of their flight bill, throwing the rest of costs associated with the team's trip to Brazil into jeopardy.

Theophilus Wilson Edzie, the president of Ghana Swimmers Association says funds allocated for the sports is inadequate.

Ophelia who started swimming at the age of three told newsmen that competitions in swimming are expensive, and the sports ministry does not have money to support financially.

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She is currently on an awareness campaign with a friend and said: “My friend Yaw had the idea to start a GoFundMe campaign to raise awareness and get the needed money. We’re trying to raise $10,000 for this cause.”

The money will be spent not only on herself but for new swimsuits for the team as well.

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Ophelia has for her wardrobe, two gold medals she won at the International Schwimmfest in Germany after beating swimmers from 150 clubs from all over the world in 2013 and would want to win gold for Ghana at the Brazil Olympics.

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