Politicians fueling drugs use in Ghana - NACOB

Politicians fueling drugs use in Ghana - NACOB

The executive secretary of the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB), Yaw Akrasi Sarpong, has accused politicians of fueling marijuana and alcohol use in the country.

Politicians fueling drugs use in Ghana - NACOB

Akrasi Sarpong, NACOB boss

Mr Sarpong said although some of the politicians did not use those drugs, they made them available to others to use, according to a report by tv3network.com.

He reportedly said politicians sometimes give out drugs to people to mobilise them for spontaneous demonstrations.

He said many people who are mobilised for large scale demonstrations on the spur of the moment, particularly to play politics are all under the influence of alcohol and marijuana.

“If any politician will use alcohol and marijuana or not necessarily use them or know people who will normally, for being daring, go and smoke marijuana and drink akpeteshie on top or go and take Atemuda or Jordan or Under, that is a very dangerous situation,” he is quoted as saying.

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Mr Sarpong, according to the report, reiterated his call for marijuana use to be decriminalised, adding that it had numerous health benefits.

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The NACOB boss criticised politicians, especially members of parliament, for not leading the debate on the marijuana decriminalisation, describing them as hypocrites, the report said.

Ghana continues to be a transit point for illegal narcotics, particularly South American cocaine to Europe and Southwest Asian heroin to North America, according to a 2015 US department of state report.

The report said the country’s major domestic illicit drug challenge was the cultivation, trafficking, and use of marijuana.

It said domestic marijuana cultivation increased in 2014, particularly among some farmers who planted cannabis instead of crops.

It added that the usage of “atemuda” – a local brew which mixes alcohol and marijuana – was also prevalent among the youth.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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