Mother troubled over daughter 'grabbing' breasts of another woman

Mother troubled over daughter 'grabbing' breasts of another woman

A mother in the Netherlands who was shocked to find a picture of her 17-year-old daughter happily holding the breasts of her French tour guide has taken to social media's Quora platform asking for the best advice as to whether to punish her daughter or not.

In what you can say was a very lively discussion on social media, the troubled mother was not only inundated with calls to punish her daughter but also was she left with some advice against her intended action.

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Zebulon Pike 

"No, you should not punish her because she did nothing wrong. It's wrong to punish her for using her body to touch someone else's body in a consensual way. Neither of those bodies are yours so you don't get to make the rules about them," he argues.

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Following on the same line of argument publisher at the BBC and Huffington Post, Eivind Kjørsta stated that the teenage daughter did nothing deserving of punishment. According to Eivind who is father to twins and a son, the very consensual picture by the woman's daughter was the norm of the day among teenagers stating that "...punishing teenager for sexual activity has any advantages in general, pretty much all teenagers will react the same way to that: by hiding the activity better from their parents, and by becoming less likely to talk to the parents if they ever should feel they need help with something."

But the advice given to this troubled woman from the Netherlands was not all about she having not to punish her teenage daughter. Talking about the effect of such picture going viral on social media, Pre-conflict control instructor, Martyn V. Halm calls for the punishment of the adventurous daughter.

"You could only punish her for allowing herself to be photographed. The thing is, if this picture is on social media, she runs a risk of the photo biting her in the ass when she's seeking work, because a scan of job applicants's social media is pretty much mandatory nowadays," Martyn added.

The Netherlands remains one of the most child-protective countries. They respect the majority of principles outlined in the Child Rights Convention and guarantee an optimal implementation. Despite this, there are a few negative elements that detract from a generally positive situation.


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