Hanna Tetteh urges MPs to learn French and Portuguese

Hanna Tetteh urges MPs to learn French and Portuguese

Ghana’s foreign affairs minister Hanna Tetteh has urged parliamentarians to learn how to speak French and Portuguese especially as Ghana joins the rest of Africa in celebrating  African Union Day.

Africa is made up of French, Portuguese, and English speaking countries so that in order to unite all these countries, Africans would have to understand and be able to speak each other's formal language. It is on this view that Hanna Tetteh calls on the need of parliamentarians speaking both languages.

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“It is important for us to be a key part of that driver of creating the continental free trade areas so that we can also benefit from it. I will like to end by saying that in order to make our union real, we have got to look beyond our linguistic barriers and we have got to encourage ourselves to learn to speak each other’s languages. I think again for those of us in the West African region, it means we should be aiming to speak both French and Portuguese,” she urged.

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The achievement of a unionized Africa has remained a challenge considering issues of language barriers, fiscal mismanagement and political instability.

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