Five things women do not appreciate in African men

Five things women do not appreciate in African men

African men exhibit certain attitudes that women find annoying and frustrating.

Five things women do not appreciate in African men writer Temitope Popoola identified five of these tendencies, which she said turn women off.

Temitope wrote about Nigerian men, but it is safe to say that those attitudes are prevalent among African men in general.

1. The way they shout

According to the writer, African men are guilty of shouting unnecessarily.

She says when they are behind the wheels, they act like they are possessed, shouting and responding to every tom, dick and harry that offends them.

Women, she adds, hate this attribute of men because they end up feeling disgraced by such "uncultured attitude".

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2. The way they dress

Temitope posits that African men do not know how to dress; they do not know what fits what occasion and what does not. "You sometimes see grown up men dressing the way young boys dress; some go on to sag so they could look like the music gangsters. We need not tell you there are certain clothes that fit certain stages in one’s life," she said.

3. The way they sleep off while you are talking

The writer notes that African men have a tendency to sleep off while with their partners. She says once they are not sleeping or having sex, they tend to get distracted and then sleep.

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Five things women do not appreciate in African men

This, according to her, is frustrating for women, especially when they have something important to discuss.

4. When they are promiscuous 

Temitope writes that some African men cannot help not being polygamous in their relationship.

According to her, such men think the best way they can explore is by cheating. She said even when they have beautiful women in their lives as wives, they still end up cheating on them with other women.

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5. When they ignore women while on dates

The writer accuses African men of preferring to hangout with their friends instead of creating time for the women in their lives. She said even on the few occasions that they ask the women to join them, the women end up feeling ignored and neglected.


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