Nothing can stop planned social media blocking - IGP Kudalor

Nothing can stop planned social media blocking - IGP Kudalor

The Inspector General of Police, COP John Kudalor, says nothing can stop him from blocking social media sites if that is what is required to guarantee peace and security in the country on election day.

Nothing can stop planned social media blocking - IGP Kudalor

IGP COP John Kudalor

Kudalor said on Thursday that the police was considering shutting down social media services on November 7 to prevent them from being used to create tension in the country.

“At one stage I said that if it becomes critical on the eve and also on the Election Day, we shall block all social media as other countries have done. We’re thinking about it.

“We are also thinking about the other alternative that the police should be IT compliant and get our own social media [account] to be able to stop these things on time,” he said.

The announcement has been condemned by members of the public, including the opposition New Patriotic Party and some civil society organisations.

However, in a interview with Accra-based Class FM on Friday, the IGP said that those criticising the plan and condemning him were entitled to their opinion.

He said as a security person, however, it was his job to take necessary measures to safeguard the security of the country.

"The world is now a global village and we have to compare with best practices, so, I don’t see what they are talking about. If it gets to the crunch… I think there is nothing that can stop anybody from going that way if it’s necessary,” he said.

Meanwhile, the editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, says he will hit the streets to demonstrate if the police go ahead with the plan.

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Commenting on the development on Joy FM’s News File on Saturday, Mr Baako said he was not certain of what exactly the IGP said or  meant to say, but in terms of the principle, if that kind of policy was ever put in place, he would hit the streets to protest it.

“I believe the society, as a civilised law governing society, we should be striving for responsible speech or responsible use of media outlets, whether traditional media or social media. That is what we should be striving for, but if it comes to the extremes, choosing between the culture of silence and ugly noises, I will prefer the latter to the former,” he added.


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