Two women blocked from entering parliament over dressing

Two women blocked from entering parliament over dressing

Two Ghanaian women were on Wednesday prevented from entering parliament after they were accused of indecent dressing.

Two women blocked from entering parliament over dressing
Kathleen Addy (eft) and Jemima Nunoo

Kathleen Addy and Jemima Nunoo were going for a meeting at the new office block - Job 600 - when the incident happened.

Kathleen, who narrated the experience on her Facebook wall, said a policeman at the security entrance determined that her dress was too short and that Jemima's dress was also "too low cut in front".

She said the policeman even advised Jemima to use a scarf to cover the front part of her chest which he said was exposed.

She accused the officials at the security entrance of trying to enforce what she said was the "most preposterous and sexist dress code".

"I don't know who came up with those ridiculous rules but I think it's backward. I'm going back to parliament to investigate, I need to know who set the rules and what informed the decision. I will take along a tape measure to help them out," she said.

The post generated several comments, with one member of parliament weighing in.

The MP for Ablekuma West, Ursula Owusu, joked that Kathleen was denied access because her body shape was too hot for people to handle.

“We have enough trouble dealing with your impressive frontal assets then you compound our woes but showing your delectable knees and a flash of thighs!!!! You wan kill us?” she said.

Ursula Owusu said Jemima’s figure “was also too much” for male MPs to handle, before going on to apologise to the two women on behalf of the security officials who blocked their entry.

She added that they were not the only ones to have had such an experience, stating that some of her colleagues in parliament need gender sensitisation because they raise issues with her dressing from time to time.

“I apologise on their behalf but they aren't the only ones who need gender sensitisation and training in that institution. We live with variants of that offensive behaviour daily! Our world will change but so much makes one cringe daily," she said.


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