The sad story of June 3 survivor, Alex Mensah

The sad story of June 3 survivor, Alex Mensah

To many people, Alex Mensah the only survivor among eight other colleague drivers at the Apaa-Wa Co-operative Transport Society who had gone to the Goil filling station looking for a safe haven in the June 3 disaster should be thanking God for being alive.

The sad story of June 3 survivor, Alex Mensah
Then and now: Mensah suffered severe burns on his legs, hands, face and eyes

But the 34-year-old who is yet to recover from the disaster after suffering from severe burns on his legs, hands, face and eyes regretfully recounts a sad day in his life.

In the company of his eight other colleagues, they had gone to the filling station  at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle to seek shelter from the rain on that fateful day only for fire and flood to engulf the very place they considered safe.

The sad story of June 3 survivor, Alex Mensah
The Apaa-Wa Co-operative Transport Society at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle lost eight of its members in the disaster

Mensah, popularly known as Mr Lee, says the loss he suffered as a victim is irreparable but not as traumatic as his children would reject him.

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Mensah said after he was discharged from the 37 hospital, the scars he had from the burns made his three children screamed each time they saw him and even disowned him.

His deformity according to him is so devastating that: “They will run away and say I am ‘’kakai.”

Alex Mensah noted that while on admission at the 37 Military Hospital after the accident, many top government officials visited him and other victims of the accident and promised to help them rebuild their lives as soon as they were discharged.

To worsen his plight, Mensah said that though the government paid his medical bills through the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), they turn him away anytime he showed up in their offices to demand some form of assistance for his continued visit to the hospital.

“Anytime I go to the AMA office, they tell me to hold on and promise they will call me but I never hear from them.  After many fruitless attempts to and fro, I lost interest and decided not go there at all because I can’t continue wasting my little money to board trotro without getting something concrete,” he said.

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He said he had to relocate to his 67-year-old mother’s house with his wife who quit selling after vendors were sacked to make way for the construction of the Circle Highway.

While thanking God for sparing his life, he admitted that life after the accident has been difficult as he has to live on the benevolence of friends and think of his children who cry anytime they set eyes on him.

The twin disaster claimed the lives of 159 people in one of Ghana's darkest days.


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