Sammy Crabbe says he will appeal High Court’s ruling

Sammy Crabbe says he will appeal High Court’s ruling

Sammy Crabbe, the suspended first vice chairman of the NPP has told CitiFM that he will appeal the Accra High Court’s ruling on Thursday which dismissed his suit that sought to challenge his suspension from the party.

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The human rights division of the Accra High Court had thrown out Crabbe’s suit on the basis that the party’s disciplinary committee had not violated any constitution of the party to warrant a nullification of its recommendation of his suspension.

The ruling also noted that per the party’s constitution, the disciplinary committee had the jurisdiction to hear all such matters and so the plaintiff did himself a disservice by not appearing before the committee when he was invited.

But Crabbe noted that he will appeal the court’s decision that the disciplinary committee had jurisdiction over an elected officer.

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He said, “Basically I disagree with the Judge so I shall appeal on the grounds that, I pointed to the fact that as an elected officer if anybody had any petition against me, Article 43 (D) states very clearly that the person has to go to the national council and not the national disciplinary committee. Nobody is above discipline in the party but processes have to be followed. And I don’t think he ruled on that. There are other things I disagree with him so my lawyers will look at that and we will go on.”

According to him, elected officers in the party enjoy a certain degree of security of their tenure and the ruling puts that under threat.

He disagreed with the notion out there that his court action is merely to distract the party’s campaign with barely six months to the election in November.

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He said: “Others are saying that I went to seek reinstatement as a suspended officer; which is not so because I don’t even recognise that so-called suspension because they don’t even have jurisdiction to do that.”

He said it was his intention to rather to strengthen the NPP and ensure that office holders are not removed from their positions through the whims of some individuals.

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