Caroline Sampson says MzBel is not the reason she quit CFZ

Caroline Sampson says MzBel is not the reason she quit CFZ

Popular Ghanaian radio and television personality, Caroline Sampson is known to be very bold and opinionated and so it came as a shock when news broke out that she quit Viasat’s Celebrity Fan Zone because of Ghanaian singer Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah aka MzBel.

Caroline Sampson says MzBel is not the reason she quit CFZ

Caroline on CFZ

The ShoutsOnY host has come out to debunk the news in an interview she had with popular blog Ms. Sampson explains that her submission in an interview with Nii Kpakpo Thompson on his Tonight show was misinterpreted and that her decision to quit Celebrity Fan Zone was quite personal.

“I quit as a co-host because people were not ready to accept situations as they are and preferred I massaged issues which I wasn’t ready for. I have my own principles and I stick to that. I’m blunt, just like that.

That was what the show was supposed to be and not to save situations just because of our relations with people. I only cited MzBel’s case as one of the moment’s I realized it was just me against the world. I didn’t quit because of her”, she said.

Diamond Appiah who happens to be a staunch critic of MzBel also took to social media to share her view on the news that Caroline left the show because of Mzbel. According to her, the industry was full of fakes and needed honest and blunt people like Caroline to put things right.

Diamond Appiah’s post on Instagram:

“My dear Caroline, how can a hardworking media personality like u quit a Tv Show bcos of a Goddam Liar ?? Am really heartbroken to read this bcos anybody that know her personally know the fact that she is living a Lie, lies a lot n always lie for public sympathy. Didn’t she create the impression to all that the man was responsible until he came out with the truth? You never lied dear, what u said on the show was the truth so quitting for speaking the truth is unacceptable. We need honest ppl like u on our Tv screens n airwaves so consider going back to the show with ur awesomeness. Never quit anything in life bcos of ppl’s opinions bcos opinions doesn’t pay bills. Keep being Real!”

Caroline Sampson is a proud mum of one and a social media fanatic. Off air, you will find her updating and interacting with her followers.




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