Man devasted after catching children having sex

Man devasted after catching children having sex

A man has been left devastated and heartbroken after his wife caught his two teenager children having sex.

The unnamed man who narrated the incident in a letter to Lexis Bill, the host of Drive Time on Accra-based Joy FM, said his wife collapsed when she witnessed the act of incest and had to be revived.

The man said his wife could not sleep and was heading to the study to read when she heard "funny noises of moans" coming out of their daughter's room.

He said out of curiosity, the woman barged into the room and lo and behold.... their 14-year-old  son and 12-year-old daughter were  engaged in passionate lovemaking. The man said at that point, his wife collapsed and his daughter rushed to call him. He said when he got to the scene, his son was already pouring water on the wife, and as a medical doctor, he quickly revived her and took her to their room to relax.

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The man said when the children were confronted, they expressed no regret for what they had done. They said, according to him, that they had done it countless times over a two-year period.

"They are usually back from school and home alone till we get back at about 7pm. They tell me not to worry and that they are fine. This started one day when they were home alone and watching a movie that had love scenes…They found themselves touching each other too and that was when it began… I have told them it's wrong but they tell me they are ok," he said.

The man, who judging from the tone of the letter sounded disturbed, said what the children did amounted to an abomination.

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He said his only consolation was that no pregnancy arose out of the relationship. His said he wife, however, had been so hard hit by the development that she had not been the same person since.

"My wife is sick and has been off duty for the past week. They (the children) both avoid her and don't talk to her. She has been very quiet, talks to herself, cries and acts funny sometimes and refuses food. I am doing my best for her because I know she is in shock and need psychological attention. She has however refused saying, she can't tell anyone what she saw," he lamented

The man ended by seeking the public's advice in resolving what he termed a family crisis.


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