Woman discovers husband's second family after 25 years

Woman discovers husband's second family after 25 years

A woman who has been married to her husband for 25 years is in a fix after she discovered a horrible secret about her marriage.

The woman, a marriage counsellor, who shared her story in a letter to media personality, Anita Erskine, said her spirit was broken when she found out that her husband had a second family, which comprised a wife and three children - two girls and a boy.

She said she made the heartbreaking discovery when one of the two daughters she had with her husband secured admission for her master’s degree abroad.

She her daughter, 23, had undergone some lab tests at their family clinic but could not go to pick up the results herself, so she offered to pick them up for her.

The woman said when she got to the clinic for the results, they gave her a package but the nurse asked if she could also wait for her second daughter’s tests.

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She said she was a bit confused because her older daughter was not in Ghana, but she comported herself and asked to see the doctor.  According to her, the doctor who was a woman looked into the matter and immediately saw the discrepancy.

“The second test belonged to another girl. Same last name. Same father's name. Obviously the nurse wasn't thorough so she didn't look at the mother’s name,” she said.

The woman said the event occurred early in 2015 but she did not confront her husband about it. She said she did her own investigations until the 31st of December last year when she finally summoned courage and approached her husband with the evidence she had gathered.

“He didn't deny at all. Showed no remorse. Nothing. And then he dropped the bomb and then told me that I, rather, was the extramarital affair. He met and married this lady five years before he met me. Because she was not giving him children, his family was giving him immense pressure and that's why he sought to find someone else.

“That someone was me. I immediately gave him two girls and he was prepared to divorce her and stay with me, when she eventually got pregnant. He said the last child, which is the boy, brought him so much clarity and the tough experience he went through with his first wife, brought them back together in a way he never imagined. The boy was born with some development challenges and he learnt a lot through that. For 25 good years I was the concubine. My sister and I never ever ever knew it. For 25 good years,“  she said.

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She said she had paid a huge price for rushing into marriage 25 years ago.

I didn't ask questions. He came to my family and gave them the drinks. I was satisfied. I never even bothered to ask for us to go to sign. I was comfortable. Sheer stupidity. So then now, he has given me the option of staying or leaving. I'm yet to decide. And yes, I am a marriage counselor. The irony of it all. Preaching on what it takes for a marriage to be successful and mine isn't even real,” she lamented.

The woman ended by urging ladies to be careful and not be in a haste to marry. She said women should not be afraid to investigate their potential husbands because they have only one life and they must treat it with dignity.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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