Benefits of living a celibate life

Benefits of living a celibate life

For most people, sex is a very important aspect of their lives and even though moral and religious doctrines frown upon pre-marital sex, the level of sexual activity among the youth and the unmarried is still very high.

Benefits of living a celibate life

However, some users on Quora have shared their experiences of living celibate lives in a world where sex is placed on one of the highest pedestals.

One user, Melinda Judy who says she has been celibate since 2001 said: “I do enjoy my life much more now, getting really involved in the things I love to do like music, art, hiking, spirituality seeking.

I don't feel like I have to impress anyone or act a certain way or say the right things to make them continue to care about me.  I'm no longer on an emotional roller coaster that goes at highs and lows depending on how they are treating me. I can come and go as I want without being interrogated, cross examined and accused of sleeping around.”

Another user, Katherine Andrews said: “If you really don't miss sex, you'll live a normal and happy life without it. I am 30 and only had sex once and never been in a relationship. I am happy, with a successful career, lots of friends, loving family. I haven't had a relationship or sex because I don't want/need them.

If everybody only had sex with the people they want to and only ever had/stayed in relationships with people they love and genuinely want to be with, the world would be a far more honest place and being celibate/single would not be so much of an issue.

Benefits of living a celibate life

James Tanner who is linguist said he and his wife have a deeper sense of commitment because they led a celibate life before marriage. “I am happily married and enjoy a healthy sex life.  However, both my wife and I waited until we were married (I was 26) to engage in sexual relations.

Don't get confused.  I had plenty of desire and opportunity to break my commitment of celibacy before marriage.  It is challenging and hard, especially as a man.  However, although it is difficult to deny temptation and pleasure, I found celibacy comforting and reassuring.

He goes on to say “I was aware at the time that my celibacy helped me focus on school and other achievements.  It also helped me not feel hypocritical in hoping to find a wife who has made a similar commitment.

An anonymous user said: “Living a life of celibacy is the most difficult thing imaginable in this life, but if you can do it, you have attained something out of this world. Celibacy is not just abstinence from sex. It’s about discipline of mind. You have to leave out all sexual thoughts.

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