Five most cursed Ghanaian institutions

Five most cursed Ghanaian institutions

No matter what they do, some Ghanaian institutions do not enjoy love from Ghanaians.

Five most cursed Ghanaian institutions

They are constantly criticised and insulted and even cursed for one alleged inefficiency or another. Almost every day, Ghanaians take to social media and the traditional media to vent their spleen on these organisations.

Here are the most insulted institutions in Ghana:

Ghana Police Service

Five most cursed Ghanaian institutions

Police officials are constantly cursed and insulted by some Ghanaians for alleged bribery and corruption.

Commercial vehicle owners are at the forefront of these insults against the police, as they claim they are constantly harassed by the men and women in black.

They claim even when they have all their documents intact and abide by the law while driving, police officials still find a way to exhort money from them.

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG)

Five most cursed Ghanaian institutions

Since the power crisis began about four years ago, the ECG has faced constant insults from Ghanaians over the rampant power outages.

This is in spite of the company’s explanation that it is a mere distributor of electricity and that if the Volta River Authority and the Ghana Grid Company do not supply it with power, there is nothing it can do.

Recently, the ECG came under intense condemnation from some members of the public over what they described as unusually high electricity tariffs.

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The Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Authority (DVLA)

Five most cursed Ghanaian institutions

Several Ghanaians have complained that one cannot conduct business at the DVLA without bribing the officials there. What is supposed to be a simple process of picking up a driver’s licence or registrating a vehicle becomes a very frustrating experience.

Passport Office.

The passport office is said to represent the very epitome of inefficiency in public service. People have to join long queues and wait for months before they can secure a simple passport. Without giving 'kola' to the officials there, it is difficult to secure a passport on time, according to reports.

Five most cursed Ghanaian institutions

They sometimes have to grease the palm of corrupt officials to fast-track the process. They result is constant insults and cursing of the organisation by some members of the public.

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Five most cursed Ghanaian institutions

Rent Control Department

They are unable to enforce a law that requires landlords to charge no more than six years of rent, so people have to pay at least two years in advance. Also, when tenants, landlords or agents require the service of officials of the department, they have pay for the transportation of such officials.

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