5 known brothels you can hang around in Accra

5 known brothels you can hang around in Accra

Sexual activities can be everything from kissing to intercourse - from holding hands and hugging to fondling and touching another person.

5 known brothels you can hang around in Accra

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Its reasons could vary from pleasure to procreation, one’s insecurity or man’s inquisitive nature all adds up into it.

That roll in the hay; sex is always laced with good reasons from making babies, to the need for a spark or because you are in love.

Sex therapist Richard A Carroll, associate Northwestern University psychiatry and behavioral sciences professor says: "Asking why people have sex is akin to asking why we eat. Our brains are designed to motivate us toward that behavior."

If you find yourself in Accra on residence or visit, and you have the hunch for sex – if it is to boost self-esteem or go nuts and want to reach out for sex outside your relationship, there are quite a few places you can easily have it.

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Just play it safe, keep your wallet and your car key closer, but most importantly; keep a condom and you are good to go.

There are quite some thugs who hang around brothels or popular places where good looking women want to give out sex for money and so your personal security should always override your passion.

The rule is, establish an eye contact with your crush, smile and engage.

Such ladies are smart in their game and attract their customers with smiles and so if one engages them with a smile, you make it simpler. Go straight to the point and let them know you are man enough to hang out with.

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Put your cards on the table; tell her you are out for a fling and she will tell you how much you need to pay and where you can go have it. It is safer you move from her vicinity to a different location.

Now here are five places in Accra one can easily have sex without a hustle.

Down South – A busy place in Abeka which is some thirty minutes drive from Accra Central.

The ladies here are quite aggressive and not choosy. Let them know you are eager to give them what they need; the money.

Togo Embassy - Just around Cantonments and close to the Togolese embassy.

Women located here are real choosy and won’t budge easily for a guy who doesn’t feel confident.  They really look out for their security too.

Verbs, a popular drinking spot not far from UPS and approximately seven minutes drive from the University of Ghana.

The ladies here need the money too and would sometimes do the chasing once your intentions are clear.

Artemuda a popular drinking spot in the East Legon neighbourhood.

A place to have a quite a number of beautiful ladies around you. They are friendly when you mean business but quite abusive when you end up not taking one away for your pleasure.

Moonlight around Adabraka near the Overhead

They are always ready to give you a good service for some few cedis in exchange and do not like hustling over how much one needs to pay them; just name it.

It sure is a night business so play it safe!

Source: Yen.com.gh

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