2016 elections: Top 5 promises every politician will make

2016 elections: Top 5 promises every politician will make

With barely five months to the November elections, politicians are lacing their boots to take over the campaign grounds by storm.

The general elections is expected to be one of the most keenly fought elections in Ghana's political history especially among the two main political parties - the incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP). Yes they all may have different party manifestos but you may want to expect these top 5 promises to be made.

1. Money in your pockets

It was no surprise when the president, John Mahama, promised to create jobs and put money in the pockets of Ghanaians should he be re-elected as president. This ''money in your pockets'' mantra continues to be the promise of every Ghanaian politician. No matter the wording used, one thing remains sure - the yearn by politicians to create jobs and ensure economic growth in Ghana should they get elected or re-elected.

2. Expect boom in Agriculture

If you have not heard of any agriculture promises during election campaigns then you surely are not Ghanaian! No matter your age, you may have heard of the ''operation feed yourself'' campaign by the former president Acheampong which keeps getting re-emphasized each and every election year. Ghana is driven by agriculture and one surest way to winning the hearts of Ghanaians is surely through the politics of agriculture.

3. Low fuel prices

Oh yes! the good old banter with fuel prices will surely be re-echoed on every political platform especially in these present times when Ghanaians had had to suffer the brunt of an increase in the price of fuel despite the decline on the world market. Fuel drives growth in any economy. In Ghana for instance, the increase in fuel prices surely affects transportation prices, cost of production and even job creation!

4. A better economy

Sometimes one may think politicians in Ghana sit together and plan the economic statements they wish to churn out during the campaign season. If it is not about reducing inflation rates, it would be about reducing the public debt or cutting off on fiscal mismanagement.

5. Free education

With the access to education being one of the major challenges in Ghana, politicians have managed to couch the best campaign promise regarding the access to education. We heard about it during the 2012 general elections especially

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